FBI Placed Back Under Mueller – Wray “Loyalty Pledge” Demanded By Feinstein

einstein wray loyalty mueller

Another component of the anti-Trump, anti-American machinery is being added to the monster that the deep state and establishment are creating in DC to oust our President. The FBI, which is under the President, is being effectively placed back under Robert Mueller’s control.

If he’s approved, and it appears that he will be, Christopher Wray will be little more than a reincarnation of Jim Comey, perhaps with less criminal propensity of his own, but with a loyalty to the deep state, the establishment behemoth, and its former Director.

In his confirmation hearings Wray pledges to Senator Dianne Feinstein that he’ll notify the Senate if he should happen to “witness or learn of any efforts to interfere with the work of special counsel Mueller.” It’s important to remember that Mueller is not an independent prosecutor, he is under the Justice Department which Wray would also report to. Both Wray and Mueller’s operations are subject to DOJ approval. He’s effectively agreeing to circumvent those lines of authority and operate independently, under Mueller and in the interest of Mueller.

Wray is pledging to report to the Senate any limitations on Mueller exercising carte blanch authority to go anywhere he wants, investigate and harass anyone he might choose, regardless of a lack of legitimacy and to do so in any manner he sees fit within the loose constraints of a Justice Department that is constantly being second guessed for enforcing the Democrat nemesis – immigration law.

Feinstein is effectively placing her snitch at the top in exchange for a yes confirmation vote, as a means of making certain that their witch hunt of President Trump by the dirty cop Mueller is not interfered with.  In what should be a huge red flag to Trump Republicans, if there were such a thing in the corrupt DC Swamp, Wray essentially pledged his loyalty to Mueller.

He says, “I’ve worked closely with Director Mueller in my past government service. I view him as the consummate straight shooter and somebody I have enormous respect for. And I would be pleased to do what I can to support him in his mission.” By mission he means efforts to take down the President of the United States, the Democrat coup by special prosecutor.

Wray reassures Feinstein that he “would consider an effort to tamper with Director Mueller’s investigation to be unacceptable and inappropriate and would need to be dealt with very sternly and appropriately indeed.”

That was the loyalty pledge to the witch hunt Feinstein was waiting to hear. He’s got her vote. Insert another cog.

It’s not too late to withdraw the nomination, Mr. President.


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