FBI Directors Dispute CNN, NY Times – No Trump Investigation, Just Fake News

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New revelations from the FBI sheds some light on the situations surrounding the New York Times and CNN frenzy to be the first to get the worst on the Trump administration, with little reluctance to completely fabricate a story if that is what it takes.

One story the Clinton campaign made up and the New York Times has been beating to death, is the claim that the FBI was supposedly investigating the involvement of Trump staffers  who were alleged to have been in “constant contact” with Russian operatives during the campaign. The liberal media, including CNN and the New York Times have been desperately trying to find a way to either make the story true or make people believe it’s true.

Both prospects dimmed considerably on Friday when a Senior White House official confirmed that both FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe and FBI Director Comey have labeled the New York Times story as “BS.”  McCabe did so in a conversation with Priebus, which he initiated to advise the White House that the reports that they were under investigation in the fake news media were inaccurate, that no such investigation was being conducted.

That same official also confirmed that that phone call as well as a subsequent one from  FBI Director Comey to White House Chief of Staff Priebus originated with the FBI. They called the White House, not the other way around as the CNN had reported. That invalidates their assertion that the White House was pressuring the FBI to make the problem go away.

McCabe reportedly told Priebus on Feb 15th, one day after the New York Times story, “I want you to know [the] story in the NYT (in FBI investigating contacts between Trump campaign people and Russian intel) is BS.” Priebus then asked McCabe for some assistance in refuting the story. He declined to get involved, saying, “We’d love to help but we can’t get into the position of making a statement on every story.”

The report indicates that the call from Comey to Priebus took place shortly after that. The message was similar in nature, that the New York Times report was complete BS, but the FBI won’t be able to issue a statement.

The pool report by Dan Freedman of Hearst Newspapers is below:

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