Fascists Go Flying In Dixie – Soros AntiFa Agitators Provoke Deadly Response

antifa fascists

It’s unfortunate that three people have died in Charlottesville, and others have been injured, but it’s wrong to fault the “Unite the Right” group that had filed for and was granted a permit by the city to hold their rally. The AntiFa fascists who were blocking their event and the city leaders who attempted to prevent it from taking place are responsible for creating the situation.

There’s the whole issue the media is “talking around,” that of attacking the history and heritage of one segment of the population supposedly under the justification of soothing the hurt feelings of another. While there certainly are some racists affiliated with the “Unite the Right” event, as KKK members and garb have been evident at previous associated events, it’s a response to an attack on their culture as much as anything else, the removal of their history. There were more than just a few racists blocking freeways at BLM rallies as well but no Soros AntiFa agitators were brought in to attack the Soros BLM agitators.

Stonewall Jackson Park has already been renamed “Justice Park,” a slap in the face to the Confederate legacy by the manipulative black preference “diversity first” Marxists. Now, one by one, they’re attacking and removing, ethnically cleansing, white history that the left doesn’t approve of. It’s a means of promoting the global citizen identity and “de-Americanizing” us. The rallies in opposition are to be expected and are justified, though running into a crowd of people with a vehicle, unless they were attacking and that was the escape route, was not.

Governor Terry McAuliffe attempted to persuade those planning to attend the rally to stay home. He didn’t make any similar plea as many were planning to disrupt the Trump inauguration in his state. Those actions matched his political views and his militant inclinations so he supported their rights even when they went beyond them and broke the law.

The outside agitators, the AntiFA Marxists of the left are the ones who, along with government leaders abusing their authority, are to blame. If it was one of their members who was killed and they were those injured, it is the best possible outcome in a bad situation and much preferable to regular citizens being the victims.

They are violent thugs who receive the benefit of a wink and a nod from complicit leftist government officials. They engage in physical brutality, intimidation and bullying in pursuit of their political objectives. Americans may now be standing up and saying no more. It’s fitting resistance to federal government tyranny would once again start in the south.

What began with the Confederate Battle Flag being taken down has progressed to monuments and, left unchecked, will inevitably continue until every shred of Confederate history is erased and replaced with a statement of homogenous “global citizen diversity.”

These same officials would never consider removing statues of Martin Luther King Jr. or renaming parks dedicated to him, that would offend their preferred liberal, black constituents and many whites as well. But there’s the difference. Most whites would have no interest in pursuing such actions. There’s no justification for targeting the history of any segment of America.

The inclusion of the AntiFA fascists into the mix is intended to add the elements of chaos, violence and anger. They achieved their results, as they did at Berkeley and elsewhere, with the help of  complicit city and state governments that use the police force as a political enforcement tool.

This will not be the last instance of violence as long as AntiFA is allowed to intrude into what would otherwise have been a peaceful event. A police presence is supposed to have a purpose and that purpose is to prevent disruptions to the permitted event and ensure public safety.

White supremacists, just like the black supremacists of Black Lives Matter, have constitutional rights, whether others like that reality or not is irrelevant – at least it’s supposed to be.

The incident with the car hitting the progressive counter-demonstrators came as they were taking up the AntiFa chant “Whose streets – our streets.” Though the driver likely wasn’t aware of what they were saying, it does convey a reply of “I don’t think so” to the leftist outsiders.

Nobody is condoning the violence that took place but the presence of and complicity with the Soros agitator group by those in power made it inevitable. They now have an incident with which to target their enemies, including blaming President Trump for something that he had nothing to do with. That’s why they sent the AntiFA in, to provoke something just like this. Soros and the left must be very pleased.


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