Farmer Happens Upon Manifesto Fugitive Camped, Hiding Out On His Land

farmer fugitive


 Joseph Jakubowski was discovered by a man whose land he’d been camping on and reported to police, but not after they’d had a lengthy conversation. Jakubowski was wanted by authorities of multiple jurisdictions for charges arising from allegedly threatening statements made towards the President of the United States in a 181 page manifesto. He also allegedly stole 18 guns from a firearms dealer and torched his own vehicle.

Justin Tolemo, with the FBI, described the scene and circumstances under which Jakubowski was apprehended, with him being found “under a tarp, with 4 handguns, 1 long gun, multiple boxes of ammunition, 1 samurai – like sword, a helmet and ballistic vest, containers of flammable liquids and a copy of his manifesto.”

Jakubowski was discovered by a farmer in Vernon County, WI, who happened upon him camped out on his land.  The unnamed farmer describes in the video the location of the campsite, remote as it was, two ridges back from where he’s standing and the access road begins. He describes it as Jakubowski being “really set up in a place where he thought nobody was going to be there. He needed, you could tell he was spent. He needed to rest.”

The farmer describes their hour-long conversation, with Jakubowski “saying things like, you know, politicians, the idea of money, the idea of not having people care about each other anymore and all the rest of that. When I said, well, put it in better terms than that he said, ‘I can’t, I want to show you what I wrote.'”

He continues, saying, “And I said at that time,  ‘I don’t want to see what you wrote, I really don’t care. What you wrote is not about your and my dialogue at this time.’ He said he was eating grass and asked me if I’d actually bring him up something to eat, he went into his wallet, pulled out nine dollars, and said, ‘I’d gladly do this for you.'”

The farmer refused to bring him the food he was so hungry for. He says he didn’t feel unsafe as they were talking but that there was more to what was going on than what met the eye. As he sorted out the conversation in his head, with some things not really making sense, he decided to contact the police, reporting the contact to police and then confirming the identity online.

He describes the police as being all in a panic at the idea that the fugitive was located and in their jurisdiction, but that he wasn’t, that he had “just had great dialogue with him.”

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