Farage – Manchester Failures, 23,000 Suspects In Britain, Things Must Change

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Nigel Farage joined Greg Gutfeld for a discussion on a serious topic following the terrorist strike in Manchester, the intelligence failures and glossing over that has led the UK to the point it is at now.

Gutfeld notes that the UK is the world’s fifth largest economy,  but that they often use the excuse of having limited resources. He asks, “Even if you have limited resources, shouldn’t that go to this, defense of the realm? Wouldn’t that be the most important??

Farage responds sarcastically, in the context of the globalist control of Europe, saying, “No, good Lord no, you’re missing the point. We’re spending all of our money on foreign aid and giving money to the European Union. I mean it’s mad, isn’t it?”

He says, “Here we are now, we’re spending more money, giving cash to Brussels. We may have voted Brexit, we haven’t left, we’re still giving cash to Brussels, we’re giving more money in foreign aid, much of it to corrupt regimes. We spend more doing that than we do actually looking after the, you know, our policing and our anti-terrorism services and I think there’s going to have to be, post Manchester, a big change in attitude.”

Farage says, “We waste money on a whole load of foreign adventures, a whole stack of our money is tied up in bureaucracy, but you know something, if you’re in trouble in life, you know, personally, whatever it is, that’s the moment you borrow money. And there is no sum of money that we can spend stopping atrocities like Manchester that would be considered by me to be a waste of money.”

“And let me tell you,” says Farage, “this week, in many ways, innocence has died. Firstly, they went after teenage girls. Secondly, we started this week being told by the intelligence services there were three thousand suspected terrorists living in our country. We end this week being told there are 23,000. Just think about that.

Manchester Terrorist Traveled To Syria and Was Reported Five Separate Times By Concerned Citizens

Gutfeld points out that this terrorist was allowed back into the country after traveling to Syria and that there were five different opportunities to nab him. “Five, five separate occasions,” says Farage, “when individuals contacted the anti-terrorism unit to say they were really worried about this ‘man,’ he’d said terrible things, he’d praised suicide bombing, five separate warnings.”

“And he goes off to Syria,” Farage points out, “and we only find this out through French intelligence, which is strange really, because most of our information these days gets leaked from American intelligence, but in this case it came from the French. He went to Syria and was allowed back into the country. I’ve said for years and I’ll say it again, if you leave these shores and go off to fight for ISIS, you should be refused entry back into the country and your passport should be burned.”

Let’s add a little context to the magnitude of the problem facing Britain, a country of 65 million people. With 23,000 suspected terrorists in their streets, not to mention those who are not known or who are still arriving courtesy of UK liberals and those of the EU, one in 282 people in Britain is a suspected terrorist. To keep an eye on each of those 23,000, given the approximately five trained law enforcement officials needed to provide round the clock, seven day surveillance alone, you’re looking at 115,000 law enforcement professionals strictly to monitor the known terrorist threat. There’s no way they can do it. They’re going to have to move people out, eliminate them from the population or accept dead Brits as a common, daily occurrence. That is the reality the libtards pretend doesn’t exist, the one they created.

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3 Comments on Farage – Manchester Failures, 23,000 Suspects In Britain, Things Must Change

  1. Robert McMahan // May 30, 2017 at 4:11 am // Reply

    Britain has abandoned the practice of self defense. If citizens can be armed, bad guys can be engaged at once. Police are not often immediately on the scene.

  2. 23,000 is a lot of suspected bad guys. If they’re sent home, they will simply go elsewhere to practice their ideology. And, we must not overlook the fact that they are all recruiters, looking for others to join them. The 23,000 can easily grow to something much bigger. What to do with them? A tough question.

    • I think a lot of them are British citizens, which makes it even tougher- the ones who aren’t British citizens could be sent to Merkel’s magic kingdom, or to Brussels – maybe antartica? yeah, tough deal.

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