Farage – Former Adversary, PM Theresa May Evolved, Now Thatcher-Like

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Neil Cavuto asks Brexit champion Nigel Farage what he makes of the relationship between Britain and the United States, with PM Theresa May now appearing to almost envision herself as another Margaret Thatcher and her counterpart, Mr. Donald Trump as the new Ronald Reagan.

Farage begins his comments on the evolving PM May, saying, “You know, Theresa may has been a fierce political opponent of mine for years. She wanted Britain to remain part of the European Union, she never had talked about Britain’s global role, and I found myself watching that speech and agreeing with every single word that she said.”

“I felt I could have written it,” said Farage. “She said things tonight about our relationship with America going forward, our role with the world, she said things that I could only ever have dreamt that a British Prime Minister would say and I have to say whatever differences I may have had in the past with Theresa May, when it comes to this relationship with the USA, bravo for that speech.”

Farage offers his view on unilateral trade deals, saying, “I do think the potential here for a free trade deal, not just on goods, but indeed on financial services too, I think it’s there to be done. I think it’s great news for both of our economies. It’s good for Trump because it shows he’s not isolationist but he wants to pick and choose who America has those deals with and that makes sense. And it’s great for us because it strengthens our hand with the European Union.”

He says, “My problem, Neil, is that, let’s say this meeting goes well tomorrow. Let’s say there’s good chemistry in that room between Trump and May and Trump says, ‘Okay, I’ll tell you what we’ll do, let’s do this trade deal, let’s get it done in three months and let’s sign it. And here’s the problem. The United Kingdom will not be allowed to sign the deal until March 2019 because the European Union’s say we can’t sign deals until we’ve left.”

He points out, “If things go well tomorrow, the next debate here in Westminster is going to be, well why don’t we just tell the EU where to go? Why don’t we crack on and do this? After all, what can they do to us, throw us out?”

Regardless of how Mr. Farage views her, there were a couple of points that are cause for some of us to temper our enthusiasm for the new British PM. In her speech she praised the globalist organizations, the United Nations and the World Bank, and spoke of the “necessity for multilateralism.” She’s also still promoting the globalist foot in the door, the hoax of fighting “climate change.” May reminded her audience, “Of course we should always be careful to distinguish between this extreme and hateful ideology and the peaceful religion of Islam, and the hundreds of millions of its adherents, including millions of our own citizens, and those further afield who are so often the first victims of this ideology’s terror.”

If she were actually working on behalf of the EU as a plant it wouldn’t be the first time a Trojan horse globalist had been inserted to take over a government. We’re just getting an eight year episode of infiltration by an Islamic globalist operative ourselves.

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