Nigel Farage Blames Tony Blair, Multiculturalism’s Open Door For Terror Threat

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Tucker Carlson invited Nigel Farage onto his program for a discussion of the terrorist problem in his native Britain. Carlson notes, “It seems clear from this vantage this is part of something much larger and it’s pretty clear what it is. I wonder if that’s as clear to the leaders of the political parties in Great Britain.

After a sarcastic chuckle, Farage says, “Well, I remember about five years ago, I said that we had a fifth column living inside our own nation. It was the first time in our history that we had people living amongst us that wanted to destroy our values and actually even wanted to kill us. And I remember the absolute wave of condemnation that I came in for. “

Farage says, “What I’ve seen today are a lot of people, the greater the good of this country, the people that did irresponsibly open the doors, the people that refused to accept that within some parts of Islam there was a growing problem, they’re all saying how awful and appalling it is. And I do actually think that the moment has come for us to actually point the blame and that what these politicians have done in the space of just fifteen years, may well affect the way we live in this country for the next 100 years.”

Carlson asks the same question that is asked of the left here, “Why would the leaders of a country, whose job it is to protect the citizens who voted for them, be so angry at anybody calling things as they see it, telling the truth? Why is that a threat to them?”

Farage replies with a bit of a history lesson, saying, “Well this was when Tony Blair got elected back in 1997, his aim was to create a genuinely multicultural society. In fact he said he wanted to rub the noses of the right in diversity. Peter Mandelson, one of the architects of new Labour said, ‘We sent out search parties all over the world to find as many immigrants as we possibly could.'”

While he’s not against immigration Farage says, “For goodness sake, you have to vet people. And that was twenty years ago, and today, when Donald Trump, surely this is the big takeout, when Donald Trump tries to make America safer,  when Donald Trump tries to make sure that these scenes that we’ve had in Paris, in Brussels, in Berlin and now London aren’t repeated in America, we get people on 5th Avenue and behind me in Westminster out on the streets protesting. It seems to me that our political leaders really ought to start saying ‘sorry.'”

Farage says, “You can’t have open door immigration and not bring in terrorism, that’s point one and that’s exactly what the President is trying to do. The second problem is that some of those communities that exist within our countries are, and I’m quoting Britain here as an example, through our state-run schools and our prisons being radicalized.”

A somewhat disgusted and exasperated Farage says, “Hard to believe, isn’t it, that actually in British prisons is now one of the major sources of Islamic terrorist recruitment and frankly, we’ve simply got to get tough and we’ve got to give our security services all the weapons that they need to try and counter this threat.”  

At least now that they are leaving the EU, Brits will be able to make their own immigration decisions rather than merely being a dumping ground for radical Islamists that Brussels is importing as their globalist takeover army. With leaders like Farage they’ve got a chance now, anyway.


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6 Comments on Nigel Farage Blames Tony Blair, Multiculturalism’s Open Door For Terror Threat

  1. Edie Faylor // March 24, 2017 at 12:55 am // Reply

    Farrage is correct and we don’t have to wait to get where the UK is, we are already there. We are in the middle of a civil war and I am not sure if Trump can fix this country. We would have to be extremely strong and
    determined to clean house, not just the swamp in DC but deport every single Muslim in our country. If we allow them to continue to live here, they will out breed us with their big families. That is how they will take over each and every country they land in.

  2. The ted Kingdom is suffering from a serious, self-inflicted wound (immigration policy) that has become infected with people who won’t and cannot assimilate into western culture and remain faithful to the tenets of the Qur’an, the Hadith and Sharia law.

    “Despite hundreds of millions of pounds, dollars, and euros spent on integration (assimilation) projects, it appears to be a Sisyphean task – calling into question the rate at which immigration is occurring throughout the Western world and the tolerance with which our societies have operated thus far.
    The BBC found that 36 per cent of 16 to 24-year-old Muslims believe that if a Muslim converts to another religion they should be punished by death. Thirty-five per cent of Muslims say they would prefer to send their children to an Islamic school, and 37 per cent of 16 to 24-year-olds say they want government-funded Islamic schools to send their kids to.

    The report again highlights the radicalization of the Muslim youth in the West, with 74 per cent of 16 to 24-year-olds preferring Muslim women to wear the veil, compared with only 28 per cent for those over the age of 55” Raheem Kassam is the Editor in Chief of Breitbart London. (The preceding is from a year-old article…March 22, 2016.


  4. Nancy Kallen // March 23, 2017 at 9:33 pm // Reply


  5. Dr. Deplorable // March 23, 2017 at 8:27 pm // Reply

    Nigel Farage is absolutely one of the most wise and understanding men in the world today!

  6. Farage is right! If America is not careful we will have the same thing happening here, which honestly it has already happened and that is just the beginning.

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