Fake Protests By Leftist Agitators Over Iraqi Detained In Terrorist Nation Crackdown

airport protesters


The news that President Trump would soon be signing an executive order restricting travel to the United States by nationals of terrorist nations was reported during the middle of the week. The administration released a draft copy of the EO in advance, naming the nations that would be restricted. It was an additional step warning travelers and providing a small window of time for folks to get to where they needed to be before it went into effect.

Nobody should have been surprised by the travel ban. President Trump stated throughout his campaign it would be an action he would take and one that would come immediately upon his taking office. If anything it came later than expected and many of those who are now having problems getting into the country have only themselves to blame.

Most international travelers know that if you don’t have your documents in order in your departure city you are not processed by the airline as being on that flight. The report that “Refugees are being turned away at foreign airports before they even board planes to come here to America and those arriving here in the US, yes, are being detained” is unusual only in the detention component stateside, which appears to be one of reviewing each case separately and making a determination based upon its own merits. For those still in their countries of origin, they were told what millions have been told before them, their documents don’t permit them to travel, they will not be allowed onto the flight.

The invasion facilitators and terrorist enablers at the ACLU were surely prepared with lawsuits ready to be filed as soon as they could fill in the names and nationalities into the waiting documents.  The snarky male equivalent of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Rep Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), also a Jew who put his party ahead of country, ethnicity and his religion in voting in favor of the Iran nuclear giveaway, was ambulance chasing at the airport as the reporter spoke. Nadler’s also a frequent critic of President Trump and Steve Bannon, so it was to be expected. We already know what his comments will be.

The reporter said there were roughly a hundred people there protesting but most  of them look like they’re standing around just waiting to see if something is going to happen, having no particular interest in the protest itself. The sixteen persons who were holding the “homemade” signs in protest looked like they might be the family members of the guy who didn’t make it in, along with some panhandlers offered a few bucks or a half-pint for holding up one of the “creative” signs, like the finger, one that says deport Melania and one that says “no ban no wall.” The agenda is broader than merely a travel ban and this is clearly a leftist sponsored protest made to look like it is organic.

With the release of the first Iraqi man it appears that being in possession of a visa and having already landed in the United States were considerations in his being allowed to stay. Clearly there are policies and procedures in place for making those calls, something that has not yet been and may not be released to the public.

One thing is certain now, the message has been sent. The policy is in effect – terrorist threats and those who sympathize with them aren’t welcome here. There should be no doubt as to whether or not President Trump keeps his promises and his resolve to do whatever it takes to keep an Islamic terrorist from worming his way into our nation.

A little confusion is no big deal. Terrorist attacks are confusing too, and a lot harder to recover from.


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