Fake News Propagandists CNN, NY Times Excluded From White House Press Gaggle

cnn blocked


There is a price to be paid for becoming a fake news propaganda arm of the political establishment, a lesson that CNN is learning along with some of their fellow mouthpieces of the left. CNN was not permitted to attend a Friday media gaggle that was held in lieu of a standard press briefing by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

CNN was not the only establishment propaganda organization excluded, the New York Times, LA Times and Politico were also denied entry. Two other organizations, the Associated Press and Time, both strongly controlled by the left, opted not to attend in protest.

From what the reporter describes there was a list prepared in advance of those who were lined up to attend and those organizations were not selected. That doesn’t constitute a ban or censorship, although if any outlet deserves it certainly CNN and the New York Times do, but tomorrow could be a different story, with other outlets excluded.

Some conservative news sites, such as Breitbart, the Washington Times, and One America News Network were allowed in in their place. It’s understandable that an administration fed up with incessant vicious and unsubstantiated or partially substantiated claims and reporting would opt for giving the space to someone who is going to honestly report what is going on.

The reporter characterized the action as the White House wanting to select news organizations that would be more favorable, illustrating that they still are completely unwilling to accept or to even recognize that the bias in their reporting is what cost them being included. It’s a matter of fairness, not of favorability.

They might even be able to get away with a lot of their Trump-bashing if they threw a few stories in that had a more balanced tone. That’s not who they are. They’re a Democrat establishment mouthpiece. This was bound to happen, they’ll stomp their feet and continue to scream and threaten to hold their breath. They might even get others to join in with them. Go ahead, there’s plenty of independent journalists who would relish the opportunity to sit in their chairs.

Play hardball with the President, CNN, MSNBC and the rest of you leftist propagandists. Please make yourselves even less relevant, boycott the briefings, create some vacancies.

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