Fake News NBC Uses Child Propagandists In Hit Piece Video Attacking Trump

mark dice nbc kids propaganda


In a stinging rebuke of an anti-Trump hit piece created by the fake news propagandists at NBC, Mark Dice delivers some insightful and appropriate commentary.  What’s not appropriate was the decision by NBC to create this Pravda-style hit piece on the President. It’s not only improper for a supposed news outlet to engage in this type of political advocacy, they’ve disgustingly chosen children as the vehicle for their anti-American message.

The video involves these “random” children supposedly giving their own personal views on President Trump and his Presidency. The words clearly aren’t their own, as one child, speaking against the terrorist importation ban called it a travel “band.” Usually when you oppose something it’s a good idea to have some concept of what it is, unless your parent is a libtard Democrat and this is your shot at child stardom.

The video starts off with a kid in a tie, who apparently has either memorized his script better than the others or is at least slightly aware of political events. It’s his job to project the perception that NBC is balanced by having one of the kids not being critical of the President. With that bit of housekeeping out of the way, the real message can be delivered, one of how evil and dangerous the representative of the American people is and how much we need to submit to our wise, invisible foreign controllers.

Things were so stable and certain when the capitulating homosexual racist Muslim foreigner was squatting in the White House. He could be counted on to represent every other nation against us. He destroyed any chance at a prosperous future that these kids might have had but now they are being paid to side with him and to denounce the guy that’s trying to give them that opportunity back.

 Instead we’re to believe our wise child actor mentors, that things were much better when the world was a more delusional, happy, and globalist exploited place under Hussein Obama and the UN, before that evil white racist came into power.

The one black kid in the blue shirt offers advice to the President, to “sit down in a quiet room and fully think about what you’re going to do before you do it,” the implication being clearly that President Trump is a reactionary, thoughtless hothead, a revival of one of the left’s tactics from the campaign. Advice from the disrespectful spawn of a libtard isn’t something the President is likely to listen to, but then this message isn’t meant for him. It’s intended for the NBC libtard Trump-haters.

It’s their propaganda piece, their audience, and their shameful disservice to the American people and a formerly free press that has morphed into nothing but an outlet for the establishment globalists and UN to influence domestic United States affairs in their pursuit of control, to dominate and conquer the American people.

As Dice says, NBC is nothing but crap.

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