Fake News CNN Makes Up Trump, Nunes Stories – “Maybe It’s This” Network

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The Fake News specialists at CNN had an entire segment that was predicated upon the fact that they have no idea what they’re talking about. They admit that they don’t know what the information is that Rep Devin Nunes has uncovered about the Obama spying on the Trump team so they’re playing a new fabrication guessing game called “What if it’s this?”

Erin Burnett, the condescending crone whose sole purpose for existence is the pursuit of and propagation of negative “news,” the more falsehood-ridden the better, against President Trump, coaches the fabricator in his efforts. She also offers up one supremely snide comment at the very end.

Apparently there is a “working theory” among Evan Perez, the reporter’s sources, as to “what Nunes is talking about.” That might be described as just the creative gossip among the clucking hens in other circles, but on CNN, it’s top-drawer reporting.

Burnett describes the collection mockingly with quotes as being incidental. Is she recognizing that it is what Tony Shaffer described as “accidentally on purpose?” Of course not, that would work against her narrative and she’s never going to do that. She just misspoke, and misfingered.

After stressing that Nunes hasn’t said anything to anyone on the intelligence committee, “they still don’t know what he’s talking about,” meaning that Perez, in quoting them, doesn’t actually know what he’s talking about either, he continues, undaunted. He makes it clear, everything is just conjecture, sheer speculation, disseminated because anything bad about Trump is worth reporting, fact or fiction, and it’s all they’ve got right now.

Reporting it as if it is breaking news, Perez says that one of the things it might be is information gathered in the monitoring of foreign leaders and their staffs. If they’d been watching Fox two or three weeks ago or reading RickWells.US any day, he’d have known that already. He names the leaders of Israel, Taiwan, China and the every convenient boogeyman, Russia, as possible opportunities Obama exploited.

Perez then gets sidetracked into Weirdsville, citing a couple of instances in which the President-elect inserted himself prior to being inaugurated, once with Israel and once with Taiwan. Those are both situations when the President-elect would have fully expected to be being monitored. It’s got nothing to do with what Nunes is concerned about or much of anything else that’s pertinent, for that matter, but he babbles on as if it were a story. Evan needs to develop some new sources.

The hag he’s holding the conversation with, Erin her head Burnett, then delivers the customary anti-Trump jab, equating not going through the corrupt and poisonous Kerry State Department with the baloney just sliced up by her cub reporter sidekick as being what President Trump deserved for “not playing by the rules.”

Are these people completely delusional? They certainly have no concept of the definition of the word, “relevant.”

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  1. Honorable USA citizens, the news media is nothing more than super dumb ass brat kids that learned to talk but, have no idea what they are saying. Bottom line; they have no idea the difference between a hole in the ground and their butt hole.

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