Fake News CNN Covers Up Evidence Ft Lauderdale Shooter Was 10-Year Jihadi

cnn ft lauderdale airport shooter


There’s only one reason that makes sense as to why the home of fake news, CNN, would be covering up, failing to report the true nature of the Ft Lauderdale airport attack and the evidence that indicates that the perpetrator was an Islamic jihadist. Their promotion of the leftist agenda carries with it an obligation to cover up for the true nature of Islam and to not report the truth in instances where to do so would complicate that effort. For fake news CNN, life is just one complication after another.

In their January 8th reporting, which included video of the attack, they describe the perpetrator as a gunman, a Veteran, and by his birth name of Esteban Santiago. They found space to include the opinion of the local Sheriff, Scott Israel, asking if he thought passengers would be subjected to increased security at the airport. Israel, apparently a Clinton supporter, said he was more concerned with “persuading lawmakers to keep firearms out of the hands of felons, the mentally ill and those on no-fly lists.”

They offered his political response to the question, in which he stated, “The answer isn’t to beef up airports. We’re a free society. We as Americans, we go to airports and stadiums and venues every day of our lives.” Of course we already are subject to intrusive security when we fly. Where has Sheriff Scott been for the last fifteen years and why did CNN see that Democrat position as relevant and worthy of inclusion in their report?

It would seem much more important to include information that they and the rest of the mainstream leftists have chosen not to even mention, his jihadist life of the last ten years and his visiting of Islamic State websites.

According to GotNews.com, Esteban had another name, an Islamic one that he gave himself in 2007, Aashiq Hammad. No definition for the name was given but it apparently is loosely defined as “living pig excrement that shoots innocent people in furtherance of his perversion.”

They did note that Santiago had a Myspace account registered in the name Aashiq Hammad and had posted Islamic music to the site 3 years prior to his deployment to Iraq, putting to rest the claim that he was just a PTSD suffering war Veteran. Veterans, even those with PTSD, don’t randomly shoot innocent people in an airport.

As if Esteban’s scruffy and weak facial hair, complete with simulated mustache, didn’t provide us with an inkling of the source of this guy’s motivations, GotNews also uncovered the postings on Myspace of three Islamic “songs,” one of which was titled “La ilaha illAllah”, which is Arabic for “There is no God but Allah,” and the first half of the Muslim declaration of faith, the Shahadah.

Surely CNN had access to the same information or could have gotten it from the source, but they chose not to. Fake news includes not reporting the whole truth, as in beating the Iraq war Veteran component of the story to death while failing to even mention that he was an Islamic convert three years previous to beginning his stint overseas.

The video states that Santiago flew from Anchorage to Minneapolis, the home of a large Islamic concentration in Minnesota, where he stayed overnight before continuing on to commit his crimes the next day. Did he have contact with jihadist leaders or advisers while he was there? Is anyone asking the questions? Was his earlier visit to an Anchorage FBI office in which he claimed his mind was being controlled by US intelligence and he was being forced to watch ISIS videos merely a setup for a defense or to confuse the issue after he carried out his assault?

This is clearly Islamic terrorism and just as clearly, it is being covered up by the Obama regime, their fake news propagandists and compliant local officials. Obama doesn’t want to have to deal with another failure and pressure on his Islamic caliphate creation this close to leaving office. He’ll just pretend it didn’t happen and CNN will obediently do their best to help.

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  1. Protecting America’s enemies has been a CNN tradition. For example, keeping Saddam Hussein’s atrocities secret permitted continuing “access” for CNN.

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