Experts – “Russia” Hack A CIA Op Targeting Clinton, Rampant Obama Spying On Citizens

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Former senior official and systems developer with the NSA, William Binney and Lt Col Tony Shaffer join Sean Hannity for a discussion of the WikiLeaks Vault7 CIA document dump and the implications it has on some of the many related stories it impacts.

Hannity begins with reports of the ability of the CIA to mimic Russian hacking. He notes that the implication in the report is that the CIA would deliberately mimic hacking protocols of Russia to obfuscate their own works. Do you believe that’s true?” Binney replies, without hesitation, “Yeah, sure, I think that that’s true as well as I think that a lot of the software they’ve gotten to do the penetrations came from NSA, GCHQ” and other cooperating agencies and countries.”

Col Shaffer refers to the digital conversion of many various televisions and phones into surveillance equipment in his comments as if it’s a known fact, supporting the claims of WikiLeaks. He also throws in the issue that the “bad guys,” however that is defined these days, have the capabilities as well, so we’re not only vulnerable to rogue US intelligence agency employees. He notes the potential for abuse and the temptation to use these technological capabilities improperly must be controlled. The is control that was not properly exercised when it was used to take down General Flynn.

Watching the two guests nod in agreement as Hannity runs down a list of the reported capabilities of the CIA to hijack everyday devices of the American people, it’s worth noting their body language. The half grin that Shaffer has when he’s asked if he believes their capacities could be even greater tells it all. This is caveman stuff compared to what’s out there. He does subsequently affirm that they are more powerful than what he listed although he’s not able to say more than that.

Shaffer, after stressing the need to follow the regulations and the laws that pertain to these areas, says, “‘president’ Obama, I have a feeling, didn’t care. He just told people to go out and do things.” That’s not an opinion he came up with on his own, he’s been told that or been told things that lead to that conclusion by people in the know. He continued, “And this is where morally you have to have someone who is at the top, willing to do the hard things of saying it is my job to restrict people from using those things abusively.”

Shaffer says, with Binney nodding in agreement, it is his belief that the whole Russian story was a fabrication done by the CIA, who applied the Russian fingerprints to their own work. Shaffer says he doesn’t have proof but it’s what he’s heard and he talks to people on the inside frequently, daily. To that point he says, “If you go back and actually talk to people inside, the evidence is not that the Russians did it. The evidence is that a Russian tool was used.”

“What I’m saying is,” says Shaffer, “concerned Americans who were fed up with the Clintons doing things, I think, were the ones who actually got in there and broke the information out and gave it to WikiLeaks.

Binney points out that the known vulnerabilities aren’t being fixed. We’re left at risk and then when an attack occurs the agency involved comes to Congress with their hat in hand, requesting more money to do the job they failed to do in the first place.

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