Ex-CIA Operative CNN Pitch For New Elections, Blames Russia

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It  seems like the globalists and their establishment politicians have a purpose behind what has become an obvious campaign to manipulate public opinion and establish the narrative that Russia interfered in our election.

CNN, which is widely suspected of having been staffed with CIA operatives in key roles, is now airing the initial salvos in their effort to invalidate the elections by declaring that they were compromised by Russia’s supposed intervention. Forget the fact that our system is decentralized and that all of the fraud was on the part of the losing candidate and her regime backers, they seem determined to fabricate something, somehow.

Surely the plan as to just how they intend to go about doing that is already under way.  CNN had an ex-CIA operative named Robert Baer on their network on Saturday, giving him the floor so that he could recommend we toss out the elections and vote again. Naturally, we’d have to leave Hussein Obama in power as we tried one more time to allow the foreign criminals that have taken our nation over to maintain their control and pass it to their criminal operatives, Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.

Baer says we’ll never know if the unsubstantiated claims that Russia exposing the truth about Hillary Clinton changed the outcome of the election, but he knows what a small European or Asian country would do, they’d have a do-over. He says it’s what any democracy would do. Of course ours is a republic but facts don’t matter, it’s CNN.

Our elections don’t appear to have been impacted in any appreciable way. We’re decentralized and have protections in place. The main dangers, the deliberate efforts to defeat voter ID laws favored the loser, so they’re irrelevant at this point. There’s no indication that anybody was injured. Then again, stealth Democrat Jill Stein’s recount is going nowhere and they’re under forty days now. It’s time to move to the next stage of the plan.

He’s pushing to notify the Electoral College before the 19th; it will probably fail but that won’t stop the progressives from trying – something’s in the works. One of the talking heads asks Baer how it would work, and he claims ignorance, stating he’s not a lawyer. He doesn’t need to be. Clinton and Soros have plenty of them and they’ve undoubtedly already got it all worked out.

Baer’s doing his part getting the narrative established with the cooperation of the CNN establishment media. It certainly appears that the reason they came up with this whole ridiculous Russia story was as a failsafe if the Trump landslide was so great it overpowered their efforts to steal the election, which it clearly has done.

We need to be ready for anything, they’re not going to give up. They plan to steal this election and are capable of anything.

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7 Comments on Ex-CIA Operative CNN Pitch For New Elections, Blames Russia

  1. You bytches want a war dont you? Sick pos’s need to be extincted.

  2. Julie kasnik // December 13, 2016 at 4:37 am // Reply

    The left will simply not accept they lost– that another segment of society in this country spoke loud and clear – they will do anything to scam and lie if the means justifies the end for them– that is who they are at the core– ( rotton and despicable )

  3. Robert Baer—The vote is in, that is ‘the forensics’ you speak of !
    Having worked for the CIA does not make one a mental giant; in your case it simply makes YOU a political operative, once again trying to smear and invalidate the ‘Will of The People’.
    Put on your big boy pants, go past ‘GO’ to the DNC and Clinton foundation and collect your $200.00, and STFU !

  4. Where do all these hatched queers come from. The hatchery where the Ex-CIA fart came from has a problem.

  5. Barry Marshall Jones Sr. // December 12, 2016 at 6:11 pm // Reply

    You can’t claim that HC’s private server was secure from the Russians on the one hand and claim that the election was hacked by the Russians on the other.

  6. So there is opposition because it was unfair to expose criminal behavior?

  7. TONYA PARNELL // December 12, 2016 at 4:49 pm // Reply


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