Ex-CIA Chief WOOLSEY Frustrates LEMON “TRUMP Is CRAZY” Disinfo

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CNN’s resident racist in chief and anti-Trump attack poodle, Little Donnie Lemon, picked the wrong guest for his Trump hate festival that focused negatively on his Phoenix speech.

After engaging with a panel of sycophantic leftists who took turns bashing our President, little Donnie played a clip of Senate perjurer and former DNI James Clapper delivering a badly acted, horribly articulated, intellectually dishonest and fact-free assault on President Trump.

His guest was former CIA Director James Woolsey, a former Trump adviser, who Lemon should have known would be the UFO in the punchbowl. He responds to the comments of the admitted “downright scared and disturbed” dunderhead Clapper as Lemon obviously tries to orchestrate and elicit the demeaning response he never gets.

Woolsey diplomatically puts Clapper back in his place, saying, “I think Jim Clapper has taken this concern rather substantially beyond what has occurred.” Exaggerating is the word he seems to be looking for to describe the anti-Trump hit man and that Clapper’s remarks could cause unjustified concerns. Those remarks are delivered in conjunction with Lemon’s narrative so both are playing a visible role in attempting to weaken President Trump.

Woolsey points to President Kennedy’s weakness in a 1961 summit with Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev, depicting him as “basically got the United States pushed around in the Cuban missile crisis and so forth because Khrushchev thought that Kennedy was so weak.” Although in the end he didn’t prove to be weak.

Lemon, whose network has crafted the whole stability non-issue along with the usual suspects of Democrats and RINOs, interjected, “But nobody ever questioned his stability.” Woolsey responded, “No, but there was more reason to question Kennedy’s ability to be a good president on foreign policy in 1961, I think, than there is to question Trump’s ability to function in the national security side of things.”

Cutting Woolsey off as he says Clapper pushed the envelope beyond where it out to be with his unfounded alarmist disinformation, the snippy little Lemon asks if the President has a responsibility to act in a manner that fits Lemon’s definition of proper presidential behavior, mimicking Obama being ten on the scale.

He once again peddles the “unstable” narrative, having now obviously determined that the Russia, Russia, Russia is running low on gas and it’s time to change vehicles. Lemon plays to the emotions of their non-thinking viewers, saying in essence that four minutes after President Trump had a crazy idea the world would be over and that he’s likely to have such an apocalyptic moment any time, without warning. He proves once again why he and Clapper are such a disgusting pair and made for each other.

Woolsey responds, “I don’t think Donald Trump has said anything as foolish as George W. Bush’s looking into Putin’s eyes and seeing his soul. What he should have seen was the initials KGB on each eyeball.” Lemon never stops pressing the “Trump crazy, can’t be trusted” narrative for a moment, following the Woolsey comments with a response that Trump has only said some “pretty glowing things” about Putin.

Woolsey counters saying, “They’ve been cordial, but nobody caused as much increase in the power of Putin as ‘president’ Obama, when he drew the red line and said to Assad, ‘You will not use chemical weapons against your own people.’ Assad did and ‘president’ Obama’s solution was to turn the problem over to Russia.”

Lemon again, stuck without an argument reverts back to the latest fabricated issue his network and their fellow propagandists have embraced, saying, “No one’s questioned the stability of any president in modern history as they have questioned this President’s ability, members of his own party. RINO establishment never-trump members of the Republican wing of the uniparty would be more correct, Donnie.

Woolsey points out that they out to have a reason to question his ability in order for that to be a valid statement. Snarky Donnie asks, “You don’t think there’s a reason? Did you watch the speech last night?” He says he did and sees no reason to question the President’s stability.

The frustrated Lemon never stops trying to draw out some sort of negative response he can seize upon. Woolsey never gives it to him.


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