European Nations Have A Choice To Make – Be Nice Or Survive

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The nations of Europe have a decision to make and it’s not very complicated at all. Do they want to continue with the self-destructive, suicidal importation of Islamists that they are currently engaged in, the Merkel – Soros system of the unraveling the societal fabric and the cultural destruction of the continent?

Or do they want to put an end to it and return to the principles of national sovereignty, trashing the failed European Union, or at a minimum its current open borders repopulation scheme?

It should be an easy decision to make if it is based simply upon what is best for the nations involved. By continuing down the path they’re now on they will also continue the horrific surge in terrorist attacks, rapes, cultural degradation and division. They will struggle with the ever-increasing economic distress associated with burgeoning government support, skyrocketing social services and healthcare expenses, eventual bankruptcy and likely failed state status.

If they put an end to the Merkel – Soros – EU globalist plan to create a worldwide communist state predicated on equal poverty for most and wealth for the elites, they maintain sovereignty and security for themselves and their families. They will once again be actual citizens of their own land, free to engage in self-rule and self-determination. Most importantly they will once again maintain control over their borders and have the ability to expel and prevent the entry of undesirables.

They will be able to rid their society of those who are destroying their quality of life,  not to mention the innocent lives that won’t be snuffed out and the bodies that will be spared being battered and broken.

They’ve also got another factor to consider, the economic one that tourism brings to their cities. It’s no accident that terrorist attacks are happening in popular tourist spots. The intent is to inflict as much damage on the target nations as possible and tourism dollars lost add to the impact of their strike.

There may be those who say the terrorists won’t intimidate them into not travelling to Paris or any of the open border big cities with exploding Muslim populations and increasing terrorism. That’s fine, it’s their right and their lives. But are their numbers sufficient to maintain their tourist industry in a robust state given the loss of those who prefer to avoid or minimize the risk? Perhaps not.

Even if there is only a marginal drop in tourism, what part of the self destruction picture makes it so attractive that these nations want to participate in it and are willing to suffer the negative aspects? It’s all pain and no gain.

The reality is those leaders who want to stay with the current death spiral and have sold their nations down the EU conquest river, such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, did not do so in the interest of their nations. They did it either out of an ideological desire, financial motives or other reasons that are not rooted in a benefit to their countries.

They are in bed with the EU demons who are offering a reward of some type. It appears to be the kind of deal with the Devil that must remain hidden to keep their treachery and betrayal hidden from the victim populations. The secretive nature of their alliances doesn’t make them any less threatening or any less real.

Logic would never dictate the actions they’ve taken nor would it motivate the people to accept them. Something else is underway. And why are their citizens so blind to what’s happening to their country? Why is Europe once again the playground for those tinkering and setting the stage for global conflict? Shouldn’t all Europeans have learned the dangers of complicit appeasement by now?

Suicide shouldn’t be popular, for individuals, entire nations or continents and survival instincts and responses should be much more pronounced than they are. Something isn’t right in Europe. They either make drastic changes now or even more severe changes will be imposed upon them in the very near future.


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