Carlson, Farage – EU Open Borders Caused Barcelona Attack, There Is A Pattern

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In an interview in the aftermath of another Islamic terrorist attack in Europe, this time in Spain, Nigel Farage joins Tucker Carlson to discuss the situation and what’s causing it. Carlson leads off by asking, “At what point, Nigel, do you think that your leaders, European leaders, start to realize maybe these attacks are connected in some sense?”

Farage replies, “Oh no, there’s no realization at all.  In fact what happens is, they all stand up and they say, ‘We stand in solidarity with Barcelona or Brussels or Stockholm or Paris or London or wherever it may be, and this is really truly  awful and we have no understanding of why this is going on.’ And not once, not once do we ever hear a single leader in Europe offer any policy solution whatsoever.”

He continues, “They are still in denial and I can only guess it’s because they are so embarrassed by the fact that they have caused this.” Farage notes that Brexit was in large part about this problem and Brits wanting to act in their own self defense. He notes that “one of the problems is that many of the parties around Europe that stand up against Islamic extremism themselves appear to the electorate at times to be a bit extreme themselves.”

Carlson makes an excellent point that directly correlates to the root problem behind all of this and the comments just made by Farage, asking, “Is it my imagination or are we not seeing attacks like this in central and eastern Europe?”

Farage replies, “Well, you’re not and, of course, it’s very interesting isn’t it? Victor Orban, who is the Prime Minister of Hungary, along with the other Prime Ministers in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, they’ve been told by Merkel and the gangsters in Brussels [the EU] , that they must accept the “migrant” quotas of those that are coming in across the Mediterranean and they’ve simply said ‘no,’ we’re not going to do it.”

“And if we’re being really frank about this, Tucker,” says Farage, “there is a direct link and relationship between the number of people you let in from different religions and different cultures and the number of terror attacks and that’s why in Eastern Europe you’re simply not seeing it.”

Carlson asks if they can hold out against the dictates of Brussels. Farage responds, “They’re being threatened with going to the European Court, they’re being threatened with being fined, they’re being threatened with European funds being withheld. You know something, these countries have lived under communism, they’ve lived under Nazism, they’ve lived under all these things yet within living memory, within a human lifespan.”

He says, “I do not think they are going to buckle for one moment.” Farage explains the push for Eastern European compliance with failed policies of Germany and elsewhere in the EU is because the point of the European Union “is that it want to take away the power of all of the individual member states and make them abide by one rule. And that ‘s the path they’ve headed down with the Euro and everything else. “

“They’ve wanted to create the United States of Europe but the problem is, this is not America, it’s a continent of very diverse peoples” expressing his feelings that the EU is falling apart. Farage then takes a shot at the stupidity of the American left, who is so determined to remove Civil War statues than act against the enemy that threatens them now.

Carlson agrees, saying, “There’s never been a country with a dumber class of leaders than ours, unfortunately.”

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  1. Merkel and her bunch of liberal commie socialists DO know what’s going on! They’ve planned it all! The only problem is that it isn’t going as quickly as they thought it would and people are starting to wise up. They’ve been trying to make the people beg, borrow or steal to belong to each other, cling to each other and agree to anything that will “save them.” But it’s not going to happen. They’ve let in too many Muslims and now they are toast! Thank God the Eastern Europeans have more sense than to listen to them. Wish to God the United States had done the same. Not ALL liberals are EVIL, but the mainstream ones are.

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