EU Globalist Puppet French Candidate Macron Bans RT, Inconvenient Truth From His Events

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French Presidential candidate and complete globalist puppet Emmanuel Macron, who Nigel Farage referred to as a “dog-like creature” in the European assembly, has a very good reason for banning RT from his campaign events. His EU masters told him to and whatever they want, they get.

Macron’s opponent and genuine representative of the French People, Marine Le Pen, has met with Putin, has no problem with RT and does not seek to return to the Cold War days or to seek an adversarial relationship with the Kremlin. She’s not a puppet of anyone and believes that, just as with any responsible and legitimate nation, the relationship should be built upon merit and national interests, which she is willing to do. The EU, whose existence in some part depends upon the perceived threat of Russian aggression, opposes any such normalization.

The EU puppet Macron is following the lead of their globalist fake news and Democrat Party counterparts in the US, including the US State Department when our own globalist puppet, John Kerry, was running it, in attacking RT as a propaganda outlet. That is a laughable instance of rich hypocrisy, as, aside from  a major portion of the reporting by Fox News, there is no free press among the major mainstream media outlets and they truly are propaganda arms of the Soros globalist CFR Rockefeller octopus. They are fake news, just as President Trump says they are and most of the thought-capable  American people now know them to be.

RT, while clearly and admittedly Russia-owned, does not pre-screen interviews like other western outlets do. If someone is booked, they are booked to give their input, whatever that might be. There is no screening done to determine whether or not they will be allowed to speak, meaning they, in many ways, are a more free speech oriented outlet than the supposed free speech media that is controlled as CFR propagandists.

The report states that RT and the Sputnik News Agency were both informed that they will not be allowed into Macron events. With this kind of open control by his globalist masters already being exhibited during the campaign, the people of France are in real trouble if the predictions hold and this little boy,  the former investment banker at Rothschild & Cie Banque is elected President of France next Sunday.

You can’t get any more globalist, trans-national, open borders, anti-nationalist and exploitative than Rothschild, although he was only with them for four years, long enough to make his first millions, before being placed into Francois Hollande’s government in 2012. None of his rise is merit based from the perspective of the French people. It’s all about the EU, the globalists, their power and their control and they don’t want RT to report on any of it.

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