EU Declares It Has Ways Of Forcing Member Nations To Accept Hordes Of “Refugees”

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Not every European is convinced that beating a hasty retreat from the bureaucratic oppression of the European Union is a good idea. For those who remain hesitant or undecided, the EU is providing another reason to follow in the footsteps of their wise counterparts in Britain.

In a Tuesday attempt to reassert or reinforce its dominance over the member states, Dimitris Avramopoulos, the European Union’s commissioner for migration declared that they had their ways of forcing those nations who are unwilling to roll over to invasion to accept their “fair share” of the EU’s imported Islamic conquerors.  The timing is of particular interest and telling.

It follows a successful thirty percent increase in the number of seats held in the Dutch Parliament by Geert Wilders’ anti-invasion Party for Freedom. The leftist media has insisted on portraying it as a defeat because he was unable to secure enough seats to become Prime Minister. It might appear to some that they are attempting attach that false narrative to their imposition of EU will to set the tone that European Union domination as being inevitable.

It could be an attempt to depress voter turnout and improve their status quo position prior to the French elections in April and May. A victory for Le Pen would spell almost certain doom for the EU, as she has promised a referendum on exiting the continental government and having the French once again control France.

Avramopoulos made his comments in a visit to Warsaw, Poland, to the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, Frontex. Operations of the fledgling border security force were begun last summer as a response to public outcry over the invasion and an effort to persuade member nations to remain in the Union, as the problem with the uncontrolled foreign influx could now be controlled.

Of course the reason the invasion exists is not one that was originally a matter of a lack of capacity for control as much as it was one of absolutely no desire or will to do so. The weak link in the security of Europe was and remains the EU and its dictatorial parliament. There’s no real protection in a force that is used as escorts for invaders rather than to repel them.

Although Avramopoulos didn’t mention Poland by name, there was little doubt he was referencing the country upon whose soil he was standing. Poland, as well as Hungary and others have refused to accept what they view as invading economic migrants, Islamic conquerors, potential terrorists and non-assimilating barbarians who commit violent and vile crimes at rates far above that of their civilized host nations.

They also value their Christian cultures and do not want to be infested with those of others that they do not share. Preserving your society and culture is not Xenophobia, it is a natural, virtuous and rational course of action. Leftists choose to mislabel it in order to pave the way for their insertion of a replacement population. Only fools choose to believe it.

The EU claims their plan is a solution to the overwhelming flood of squatting humanity in Italy and Greece that Brussels, with the help of German Chancellor Merkel, created. It’s a “solution” that requires that their nations also be sacrificed to reduce the impact on their Mediterranean counterparts. It therefore is not in any way a solution; it is buying time. The true solution is not to relocate the invaders to other European nations, but to send them back home or to a neutral location, such as Somalia, Sudan or a desert camp in Syria.

In his threat Avramopoulos said the EU has the “tools, the means and the power” to convince all members to comply and will make an assessment of response by the end of September. He mentioned no sanctions.

Again the timing is interesting. It vaguely sets a deadline for after the French elections and what will probably be just prior to the German elections. They will be able to evaluate the mood of the public, how much they estimate to be able to get away with, and what will be the least politically damaging for the continental government.

There is a good chance that the EU will reach September and find themselves without options, on the way to extinction and their invaders on their ways back home. The French elections could be the key.


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