Ethics Complaint Against Chaffetz For Cover Up Of Extortion 17, Flynn Used As Diversion

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The first question that comes to mind in watching the sideshow that Rep Congressman Jason Chaffetz is performing with libtard Greta Van Susteren acting as ring master is ‘Why are you after General Michael Flynn when there is a whole mountain of evidence on Hillary Clinton’s espionage and treason against the United States. Why, when it undoubtedly extends to Hussein Obama, John Kerry, and other key members of the criminal operation that was and remains as the Obama OFA shadow government are you ignoring the whales and targeting the minnow?

Chaffetz, the Republican drama queen who is Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, promised on inauguration day that he investigation would continue. He immediately proceeded to do absolutely nothing in the 100 days since.

The Chaffetz Van Susteren interview is the second video below, the first one sets the stage with Larry Klayman, Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch founder explaining why he believes Chaffetz is retiring from the House. It’s a decision that he believes involves Chaffetz attempting to run away from being prosecuted for his own criminal activity or at a minimum having his career ruined.

The offenses, as Klayman explains, involve the crash of Extortion 17, an incident that has numerous question marks and violations of protocol surrounding it than indicate foul play and betrayal were likely involved in the crash.  Not  only was it the “costliest day in Seal Team Six history, it was the single deadliest day for U.S. forces during the war in Afghanistan.”

Klayman details that a hearing in which Chaffetz was the Vice Chairman of the Government Oversight and Reform Committee, supposedly an investigation into the crash, was a complete cover up. He calls the hearing “a complete sham, a joke. No questions were asked about the cause of the crash, it was just a tribute to their deaths.”

Klayman describes how, “At the end of the hearing, Chairman Chaffetz, in these false, crocodile tears, claimed that he was concerned about what went on.” He asked, “What are you going to do now, Chairman Chaffetz, we didn’t get any answers, and he just walked off.” He goes on to detail that Chaffetz was given information which he failed to act on by the woman who was the “eye in the sky” on that night and had attempted to call it off.

The knowledge that the Obama rules of engagement and the fact that she was refused permission to fire on two Afghans who later recruited more to become a 12 man force that eventually shot down Extortion 17  prompted Joni Marquez to come forward as a whistleblower. Klayman reveals that Marquez revealed information to Chaffetz after the hearing that he should have acted on but did not, of the opinion that he chose instead to cover up what happened. Klayman says that decision was a criminal act, obstruction of justice.

Against that backdrop of misconduct, Klayman finds the indictment of General Mike Flynn by Chaffetz “for his cheap political purposes, along with one of the biggest political hacks in the House, Elijah Cummings,” is an outrage. Klayman promises an ethics complaint is forthcoming against Chaffetz. He says he believes that is why he’s decided to resign from Congress, that he wouldn’t be able to get reelected once this all comes out. He says when he saw Chaffetz on television attacking Flynn with his smiling face “it was sickening and I wanted to throw up.”

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  1. Do we know for sure that Chaffetz was not given the authority to investigate? With every investigation they brought the same thing happened over and over again, they all plead the 5th!! He didn’t have anyone behind him that would actually indict!

  2. Deplorable Doctor // April 26, 2017 at 12:50 pm // Reply

    We need a Special Prosecutor for Extortion 17 Cover-up by Congressman Jason Chaffetz!

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