Establishment Tool Karl Rove Pretends He’s ALL MAGA After Strange Defeated

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The Bush political snake, Karl Rove, [snakes don’t have ears or necks], joined his fellow Bush machinery cohort, Dana Perino, in a brief discussion about the political establishment they represent once again losing a GOP election.

Rove attempts to divert attention away from the fact that his candidate lost because he was a swamp dweller supported by big politics and its big, corrupt money. Luther Strange, with $30 million in GOP establishment cash for false attack ads, that couldn’t be countered due to a financial disparity, still lost.

Sure, as Rove said, the historic relationship between Roy Moore and the citizens of Alabama played a role, but in large part this segment seems to have been crafted by the establishment to minimize of the loss. At least equal to the Moore relationship is the connection of Strange to Mitch McConnell, the Bush machinery, the DC Swamp operatives, the US Chamber of Commerce good old boys, and Karl Rove, who attempted to tie it all together through his PAC. They were as much rejected as Moore was supported. Both dynamics were involved. Rove fails to mention the swamp rat half of the equation.

Perino serves up the opportunity to do so, asking Rove if he wants to respond to Steve Bannon taking a shot at him and his fellow vermin, saying it seems to her that “Republicans have got to figure out a way to work together going forward if President Trump’s agenda is actually going to get accomplished.”

The method is easy, Perino. The RINO establishment that cares only about maintaining their control, such as those affiliated with McConnell, Bush, Rove and the other aforementioned villains, needs to either cooperate or be voted out. If they don’t want to work with the President, as has been their M.O. to this point, tonight’s victory by Roy Moore in the primary proves the people will have no qualms about getting rid of them.

Rove, attempting to portray himself as the bigger variety of snake, above the demeaning talk, dismissed the comments of Steve Bannon and his warnings of a day of reckoning as 7th grade schoolyard taunts. Undoubtedly Rove was taunted a lot in the 7th grade. Rather than stoop to direct confrontations, Rove does his talking from behind a PAC or a television camera, generating disinformation in service to the corrupt of DC.

Rove answers his own question that was never asked, saying, “President Trump asked for support for Luther Strange, he didn’t get it. I don’t think that weakens him.” He says, “All of the mainstream media was portraying this as a test of Donald Trump and if Luther Strange lost it would be a problem for Donald Trump. Every bit of evidence I saw was that Alabamians, no matter who they supported for Senate, love the President.”

Rove continued, “And he is very popular in the state and I think the people said, ‘You know what, I appreciate the President’s advice, but I’m gonna vote for Roy Moore and in a way, the people who opposed the President’s choice are now going to have to sort of try to ingratiate themselves to the President.”

He adds, in what was a clear warning to his political allies, “They better not be out there crowing about how they beat the President. They ought to be in there saying, probably, Mr. President, what can we do to help advance your agenda?” Not meaning it, but saying it.

Alabamians aren’t as stupid as you and your establishment cronies thought they were, Rove. They couldn’t be deceived by your heavy spending and lies or by the transparent arrangement President Trump made with Mitch McConnell to support his establishment puppet.

The people of Alabama support the MAGA agenda and they don’t need swamp leeches such as yourself telling them to be gracious to the President. The president needs simply to stick to his promises. His agenda is their agenda, the mutual goals and respect will take care of the rest.

As for phonies who need reminding of how to behave in the future, it’s pointless to encourage Rove to take his own advice. Snakes can’t change their stripes. When he sheds his skin, the establishment stripes are still there on the next layer. Eradication is the only solution and that process has been expedited with the defeat of Karl and Mitch’s boy, Luther Strange.

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5 Comments on Establishment Tool Karl Rove Pretends He’s ALL MAGA After Strange Defeated

  1. Karl Rove is a snake in the grass and a left of moderate and a globalist scum bag. He went after President Donald Trump during his run for the presidency.

    FOX News continues to bring him on to get his opinion, which is worthless and Dana Perino irritates me nearly as much as Megyn Kelly did.

  2. Why doesn’t Rove just GO AWAY .. and take Obozo the Clown with him? Don’t they know their days of glory are and shall remain in the past?

  3. When is Fox News going to realize that these RINO “Bushies”, aka “establishment” republicans no longer represent the party? Nobody cares what they think about politics anymore, and good riddance to their dishonesty with the American people. Times have changed for the better. Americans have moved on. We are tired of watching these fakes on Fox News, and the American people will move on, Fox News, if you keep your stale, crony talking heads as commentors.

  4. PeRINO is just another Megyn Kelly just not as coarse. Rove, the snake, is getting ready to start talking the same old lies, being for the Trump agenda, and if he gets his creatures elected legislate against it.

    I hope voters realize that they all need to be taken out in the primary.

  5. Dr Rolland Kerr // September 27, 2017 at 8:12 pm // Reply

    Has Carl Rove displayed behavior problems ever since his homosexual loved was killed, and likely killed by him?

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