Establishment RINO Puppets McCain Graham Call For Stronger Russia Sanctions

mccain graham

mccain graham

It seems that Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham needed a little time away, so they went to Georgia. Not the state next to Florida but the country next to Russia that is a former member state of the Soviet Union. They needed to make the point that they don’t like Putin and fist pounding only takes them just so far. That’s great use of our tax dollars, thanks for being conservatives, boys.


But this is McCain and Graham, they’re not really Republicans so they can’t be expected to involve restraint in their spending or travel decisions. McCain is notorious for meeting with terrorists in the Middle East, including ISIS and al-Qaeda, on behalf of the military industrial complex. Of course he allows them enough time to put on the colored headscarf for the team they’re representing as “freedom fighters” or “rebels.”

He’s also made repeated trips to the region to argue for aggression against Russia on behalf of Ukraine, Crimea, whatever cause he can find to “justify” escalating tensions and the associated military spending. He was a big supporter of the coup in Ukraine that led to the current situation, in which the US was once again involved in regime change. Putin was supposed to sit back and allow them their meddling, so it’s his fault things escalated the way they did. Next time maybe he’ll accept his role of docile bystander as instructed.

Graham has been pounding the railings of the Senate with both fists, demanding that the US take action against Putin and it’s rather obvious that he and McCain, in concert with their fellow globalist puppet Hussein Obama, are taking advantage of the Obama sanctions and attempting to draw President-elect Trump into forced action against Russia in order to prove that he’s really not in Putin’s pocket.


The claims are clearly an effort on the part of the establishment war mongers and the fake-news mainstream media propagandists to tie Mr. Trump’s hands. No evidence that a word of what the corrupt liar Hillary Clinton and pizza boy John Podesta have said regarding the Russian involvement has been forthcoming, but it’s been repeated enough for us to be expected to treat it as truth by now. Graham, McCain and Obama expect Trump to ignore the facts and accept his programming.

Hillary Clinton is notoriously lax in security when it comes to information, particularly classified that she has up for sale. Maybe their eyes should be gazing in her direction first. Then again the real money’s in international tensions, that’s what their puppet masters want.

And they did need a vacation. There’s no place like sunny, frigid Georgia and nobody John McCain would rather be sharing it with than Lindsey Graham. They can keep warm by snuggling as they plot their next moves on that long private plane trip back; who needs Kelly Ayotte or Joe Lieberman.


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7 Comments on Establishment RINO Puppets McCain Graham Call For Stronger Russia Sanctions

  1. These Brokeback Mountain twins are going to be Trump’s worst nightmare. They are disgusting, and I still don’t believe the dumbed-down people were dumb enough to re-elect them.

  2. TONYA PARNELL // January 2, 2017 at 4:40 pm // Reply


  3. These clowns REALLY enjoy traveling together. Are their masters impressed? Strange…

  4. Edie Faylor // January 2, 2017 at 1:40 pm // Reply

    Is this a private trip or something that is approved by our government?
    I hope they freeze their behinds off!

  5. Eldon Andersebn // January 2, 2017 at 11:26 am // Reply

    These two idiot RINO’S SHOULD BE IMPEACHED!!!!!!

  6. bought off war mongers of the Rothchilds/zionists

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