ESPN Gives Free Air Time To Leftist Anti-American Trump Hating Agitators

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There sure is a lot of “spontaneous outrage” manifesting itself the day after President Trump was inaugurated and 74 days after the election. You’d almost think it’s an orchestrated operation by the leftists, such as George Soros, his many front organizations and paid “protesters” filling the void wherever an injection of chaos is needed. Scenes of all types are being created for public consumption, to create a misconception that Trump is illegitimate and unpopular.

They range from the hooligans in the streets to the riff-raff on stage and in the audience at the man-hater abortion rally mislabeled as the “Women’s March” in Washington DC on Saturday. Many of the participants obviously have nothing feminine in their DNA and calling them a woman is as legitimate as allowing them to self-identify. One real and unwavering requirement for attendance was the belief that killing babies is a woman’s right and obscene profits from it, as well as taxpayer support, are Planned Parenthood’s rights.

It’s always interesting when toads like Michael Moore or Elizabeth Warren speak about “a woman’s right to choose murder” and the thought crosses your mind, in this case, maybe it would have been preferable and okay to make an exception, so many years ago. If only we or their mothers had known.

ESPNW, the ESPN site that supposedly focuses on women’s sports, is going the MTV route of including political agitation in their programming and abandoning their original content niche. On Friday, the day of President Trump’s inauguration, they sent out a call to angry anti-Trump militant feministas to share their hateful rants on their network. What’s that got to do with sports, you might ask. You might also wait a long time for a response.

ESPNW chose Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day to tweet out a call for people participating in Saturday’s Women’s March to share their stories with the “sports” network. In a narrative that sounds nothing like one from a tight, competitive basketball or softball game, Women’s March co-chair Carmen Perez described the purpose of the march. She said, “We are coming here so that we could show this new administration that we’re not going anywhere, right? So, we are marching to continue to allow women to make decisions about their bodies and ensure we have reproductive justice rights, immigration reform, criminal justice reform, as well as indigenous rights.” Thank goodness there are no locker room interviews.

She added, “So, there are so many things. We have been extremely intentional about allowing organizations to get involved, Planned Parenthood, as well as Define American.” Define American, if you have never heard of it, is a leftist Obama hangover group that should, in the interest of accuracy, be called “Re-define American,” as they advocate to include illegal aliens.

Why does ESPNW or ESPNWLGBTQBP (Bestiality and Pedophiles need advocates too) as it may soon prefer to be known, agitate on behalf of the Democrats and establishment America-haters? It’s obvious. Their ratings are horrible, they’re losing money and the leftists are rich. What little audience they do have is tailor-made for the anti-American crowd. Leftists pitch their message to the misfits and the ignorant of America – who else would watch the crap on that network? For them it’s perfect.

No similar offers were made to Trump supporters or those attending the inauguration. It’s not news or sports. They’re transitioning to fake news and propaganda. There’s no need for more than one side or position to be presented and no stats to memorize.


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