Erdogan Scolds, Then Ignores Merkel For Saying The “IT” Words Together

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Turkish President Recep Erdogan is fast-tracking his way to becoming a dictator and he’s becoming increasingly less tolerant along the way, particularly in the wake of what some feel was a false flag hoax by Erdogan himself intended to flush out his opposition. He’s also a Muslim who exposed his beliefs in the tradition role of women in their world, as lesser than their male counterparts. In the case of Angela Merkel, he’s right, but it’s not based upon her gender.

In a briefing to reporters in Ankara last Thursday on their just completed talks, Chancellor Merkel said, “We spoke in detail about… the questions of the fight against Islamist terrorism, against every form of terrorism, also the terrorism of the PKK [the Kurdistan Workers’ Party].” Merkel added, “We agree we want to cooperate, we are all affected by this. We agreed to have closer cooperation in the future.”

Erdogan rebuked Merkel for venturing outside the fantasyland that he and the former pretend American ‘president’ Hussein Obama exist in, that of there being no connection between Islam and terrorism and that there is no such thing as Islamic extremism or Islamic terror.

He said, “Islam should never be conflated with crimes carried out by extremists. This expression ‘Islamist terror’ seriously saddens us Muslims.” He also said, “Such an expression is not correct because Islam and terror cannot be associated. The meaning of Islam is peace. Please let’s not use it. As long as it is used we need to stand against it. As a Muslim president personally I cannot accept that.”

Would the term “religion of peace terrorism” be  more acceptable? There’s another expression, “Allahu Akbar,” that has led to a lot of sadness among non-Muslims, Erdogan.

If you people want to kill each other over which brand of Islam is the best or the bloodiest, that’s your business. There’s no legitimacy in or justification for making it anybody else’s.

In the video Merkel is clearly getting the “you look like a dog, talk like a dog, therefore you are a dog” treatment from Erdogan, who, in spite of her best attempts refuses to look at her. She didn’t crawl around on the floor, barking and licking his shoes. That might work; along with allowing in millions more religion of peace terrorists into Europe and full EU membership.

Erdogan does have a point though, Merkel is kind of tough on the eyeballs.

For the record, the use of the terminology “IT” in the title was not click bait. If the words Islamic and Terrorism appear in the title Facebook “disappears” the article, never to be see again. Until there’s a viable alternative for their speech terrorism and leftist censorship, we’re forced to be creative. We’ll still get hit, but not with both barrels.

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