EPA Toxic Trickery – Illegal To Reimburse States $1.2 Billion For Mine Spill

epa gold king mine


It’s another example of there being one set of rules for the peasants and another, more flexible and subjective set for the ruling class.

On Friday, the EPA gave itself a “Get Off Scot-Free” card, declaring that they are not required under federal law to pay anything more in the way of damages for the massive August 5, 2015 toxic chemical spill into the Animas River. The spill, which was triggered when EPA workers breached a collecting pool at the Gold King Mine in Silverton, Colorado, is the type of event that would unleash the full wrath of one of the most venomous agencies in the Federal government on a private American citizen or corporation. But given that they have the power to not prosecute themselves, they’ve found a legal maneuver to arrange exactly that.

Rules, regulations and requirements that the rest of us have to abide by are for others. They’re declaring they are protected by “sovereign immunity.” There will be no punitive damages, sanctions, employee firings or any other type of retribution taken against the EPA.

There will be no multi-million or billion dollar fines issued against themselves, the kind they so freely dispense when someone else makes a mistake. There will also be no repayment of  the $1.2 billion that states have already expended, through no fault of their own, to remedy situations created by the federal agency’s recklessness.

The EPA issued a statement in which it said that some of Loretta Lynch’s Obama-friendly lawyers in the “Justice” Department determined it is not allowed to repay the states. We’re supposed to believe that they’d really like to reimburse them, but it would be illegal for them to do so, their hands are tied. We all know how highly the Obama regime values the rule of law.

Their statement said, The law “does not authorize federal agencies to pay claims resulting from government actions that are discretionary – that is, acts of a governmental nature or function and that involve the exercise of judgment.” One would like to think that every act of the federal government and the EPA involves the exercise of judgment, are they impossible to hold accountable?

They added, “The circumstances surrounding the Gold King Mine incident unfortunately do not meet the conditions necessary to pay claims.” Once again, this is a special privilege that those in power are granting to themselves, one Obama agency protecting another.

The EPA provided the supposed rationale to their decision, “Because the agency was conducting a site investigation at the Gold King Mine under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, the agency’s work is considered a ‘discretionary function’ under this law. Therefore, the circumstances surrounding the Gold King Mine incident unfortunately do not meet the conditions necessary to pay claims.”

Any injured party who doesn’t like the EPA’s decision is free to pound sand, although it would be recommended that the sand not come from the Animas River or Lake Powell, due to concerns over levels of lead, cadmium and arsenic. They also have an option of challenging the ruling in federal court within the next six months.

The agency went on to assert that they’ve dealt with the situation appropriately by taking responsibility in the areas of providing financial support, water treatment and monitoring, and the nothing, empty space filler claims of “developing and implementing a permanent remedial plan for the broader mining region and research to understand how contaminants move through complex river systems.

EPA administrator Gina McCarthy didn’t reveal the dollar amounts of the supposed financial support, which was reported at the time of the spill as laughable and requiring an agreement by the injured parties to absolve the EPA from further damage claims. The water treatment and monitoring is, unlike pushing the climate hoax or shutting down our energy capacity, in line with what the EPA is required to do in its mission. The other overzealous pats they gave themselves on the back wouldn’t be required if they hadn’t created the mess in the first place.

To quote the infamous hypocrite this agency and the DOJ report to, Hussein Obama, how is this “the right thing to do?”

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