EPA Faces Restrictions – Bill To Put Them Out Of Citizen Torture Business

epa cuts


There’s a new attitude among some members of Congress under the Trump administration that embodies a new respect for our rights as formerly free citizens of this nation. There’s also appears to be a new attention to fiscal responsibility and an emergence of common sense in the spending of taxpayer’s dollars that didn’t previously exist under the Obama regime or to a significant degree his predecessors as well.

As if to highlight the new, previously unheard of method of governance, a “treat the citizens like they’re grownups and as if you actually want their country to survive” way of non-abusive thinking, one House Republican is sponsoring legislation to tame one of the two most hated and abusive agencies within the federal government, the EPA.

On Thursday Rep Sam Johnson (R-TX) introduced the Wasteful EPA Programs Elimination Act, estimating that it would save $7.5 billion annually. The bill eliminates most of the wasteful and abusive spending by what has been operated as a rogue, belligerent, anti-American totalitarian arm of executive branch abuse for decades. That’s been particularly true under the climate manipulators of the Obama regime. The Johnson bill could cut the annual budget to less than $1 billion per year.

Prominent casualties of the trimming of the senseless and irresponsible cascade of waste would be the major EPA climate hoax programs. Additionally, the legislation also mandates the closure of all EPA regional offices, halts all new regulations on ground-level ozone and requires the agency to lease unused property.

Rep Johnson said in a statement, “As a fiscal conservative, I believe Washington should be a good steward of taxpayers’ dollars. Part of being a good steward includes reining in unnecessary spending, holding agencies accountable for waste, and getting rid of politicians’ pet projects. For example, American taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for the EPA’s many vacant and underutilized properties that the EPA’s own Inspector General identified as wasteful.”

Johnson introduced similar legislation in 2015, which went nowhere. Now that citizen abuse is once again frowned upon, this year’s attempt may fare better. Another bill was introduced this month by Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FL), which would completely eliminate the EPA. It does seem the vicious EPA bureaucrats have made a few enemies over the years, folks with long memories, who are demanding that their representatives set things right.

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