EPA Administrator Pruitt Hopeful President Trump Will Exit UN Paris “Climate” Agreement

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EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt speaks to the possibility that the United States will pull out of the Paris Climate hoax, a treaty that was never ratified in the first place beyond some Chinese shenanigans by the former pretend ‘president.’ The Senate never approved it, they never even took it up because Obama knew it wouldn’t pass. Still, much of DC, unfamiliar with or just dismissive of the Constitution, pretend it’s binding and continue to throw our money at it. Obama flushed $1 billion down the drain into the green climate slush fund it created in his last year squatting in the White House. It’s our money that goes to his corrupt UN globalist cronies.

Pruitt provides some reassurance that President Trump may not be weakening on the issue, not caving in to his daughter, son-in-law and other globalists who have infiltrated the administration and who advocate in favor of what is nothing more than a wealth redistribution mechanism coupled with an oppressive tax exploitation mechanism. There’s nothing in it that benefits we the people, but “they the globalist pirates” do exceptionally well.

Pruitt notes that the United States is already at pre-1994 levels of CO2 emissions at the same time that Obama decided and “committed us” to pay 20% of the world’s costs for “fighting” the war against the air, water and earth under the illusion of man-caused climate change. He also reminds the audience that the true dirty energy countries of India, Russia and China are making no contributions and have no obligation to reduce their economic capacity in any way, let alone the suicidal manner Obama declared we would.

Pruitt says, “What Paris represents is a front-loading of costs for this country and a contraction of our own economy, while those countries continue to pollute and not take steps that we’ve taken already.” Pruitt is one of the few, perhaps the only national figure to recognize that this agreement should have been treated as a treaty. He says what needs to happen is that our clean technology should to be exported to other nations, a positive impact on America’s economy rather than a cash and productivity drain.

Pruitt points out that “The Clean Power Plan and the Paris Accord represented a $2.5 Trillion dollar reduction in gross domestic product over a ten year period, $292 Billion dollars of compliance costs, up to 400,000 jobs annually. This is something that we’re doing, taking steps now, when we’re already at pre-1994 levels. That’s a bad business deal for this country.”

He points out that the argument that the US should “have a seat at the table,” made by Rex Tillerson and others, notably Goldman Sachs alum Gary Cohn and the Kushner couple, is valid in the proper setting. It can and should continue, irrespective of whether we’re a part of the Paris Accord or not. Membership in the UNFCCC is a seat at the table on those issues and we’re already a member.

Pruitt reminds us of the way President Trump promised to look at this issue and a view he seems to be implying he still holds, that “it needs to be focused on an America first strategy, to make sure that our interests are advanced in that international discussion and not sacrificed with respect to our economy in relation to China and India and other nations.”

Scott Pruitt is one of the good guys, a true deplorable.

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3 Comments on EPA Administrator Pruitt Hopeful President Trump Will Exit UN Paris “Climate” Agreement

  1. Andrew W. Matheson // April 30, 2017 at 6:44 pm // Reply

    Hi There,

    I an Not Amcn, I’m Cdn. I will B very Interested to See PRESIDENT TRUMP Pulls Out of the Paris Agreements. I HOPE He Does. It will B a Real Slap in the Face for Commies like Obama and Globalist like Our JERK P.M. Trudeau.It Sure Would B Nice if Canada had a Trump Style P.M. Some Who Takes NO BULL. We Had One – Steven Harper a SMART LEADER a While Back. B Nice to Have Him Back, President Trump! America is GOING to NEED All the HELP it Can Get to Keep the Libtards OUT of Gvmnt. GO TRUMP!!!


  2. I hope Pruitt is correct about Trump not weakening on the issue. The Paris deal perfectly exemplifies the entire CO2 scam.

  3. Kelleigh Nelson // April 28, 2017 at 11:25 am // Reply

    Hopeful? If he keeps listening to his liberal daughter and socialist son-in-law and globalist Pence, we’ll never get anything this guy campaigned on! C’mon Trump, kick these leftist players out of your administration, and that includes Ivanka and Jared…send them home to raise their 3 children.

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