Eminem Prances And Chants Against President Trump At BET – A Sterling Endorsement

eminem trump bash bet

Donald Trump just won another award for patriotism and advancing the American traditions and values. This time it was bestowed upon by the trash-talking pile of talking trash, Eminem. The 44-year-old rapper still talks as if he’s in nursery school, with rhymes that don’t rhyme and hand gestures that only serve to accent his lameness and desperation to not be white.

He’s a token who pretends he’s black and ignorant in the interest of making money. He’s obviously white, which doesn’t mean he can’t still be an ignorant thug. Judging from his statements, mannerisms and politics, that is the case.

Eminem went on a regressive, hood rat rant that aired during the anti-white BET Hip Hop Awards. He demonstrated that, while he’s undeniably a captive in his Caucasian skin, ignorance is present in individuals of every skin tone.

His liberal politics and desperate efforts to appeal to black Americans who have been programmed by Democrats to believe that President Trump is a racist, illustrate that he understands exactly what kind of idiots waste their money on recordings of his gibberish.

He’s rich but Eminem can’t afford to be labeled as privileged. He’ll do what all Democrats do these days to fit in, attack their common enemy, President Trump. Proving they support black thuggery means he’s one of them; it’s okay to buy his garbage.

Eminem spewed a wide ranging assault on President Trump. He’s an easy target, one that is sure to ingratiate him to the weak-minded who funnel his malodorous excrement into their heads. Just to be on the safe side and provide some bonus “cred,” in the video, everyone else in the garage with him is black.

Why is it that all of the thugs behind him standing next to their older model cars have the lights on? None of the engines sound like they’re running. Is having a dead battery thug cool?

Eminem chants about the greatness of Obama, the guy who left this mess for Trump to clean up and so much more, and how President Trump will be flying in Air Force One during a “holocaust.” He called President Trump “as stingy as I am,” apparently not aware or simply nor caring what kind of person President Trump is. Maybe he doesn’t know that Trump is working for free, donating his paycheck to charities.

Eminem demonstrates both his propensity for pandering as well as unwillingness to comprehend or restrict himself to reality, making erroneous accusations. Predictably, he complains about the black athletes in the NFL and NBA being called out for disrespecting our nation by the President. Trump only voiced his opinion on the matter, what is forcing change is that millions of Americans are as well.

He goes on to use a fake redneck persona to mock Americans who want the border and immigration laws enforced and of the border wall. He pretends to be drawing a line in the sand on the parking lot floor, telling his “fans” to choose a side, either him or one of the best Presidents the nation has ever elected, although Eminem didn’t phrase it in quite that manner.

The melodramatic punk goes on to give the middle finger to his fans who were supporters of President Trump, accenting it with his favorite four letter expletive. There was never any chance that this subhuman mongrel would appeal to most sane conservatives, but for the odd exceptions, hopefully this was enough to bring them to their senses. He’s one of the enemy, what President Trump so perceptively labeled an SOB.

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4 Comments on Eminem Prances And Chants Against President Trump At BET – A Sterling Endorsement

  1. Gee, what a coincidence. The putrid whigger has a new album coming out next month.
    Guess ya gotta do what ya can when you’re a has been puke.

  2. This p-o-s is a disgrace to a civil society. He is a talent less twit and trying to blend into a culture, the only place he can perform, that is destroying civility.

  3. Alton Robinson // October 12, 2017 at 6:37 pm // Reply

    Anyone know where I can find the WET, but I guess if white’s had something we would be racist.


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