Elmo, PBS Attack President Trump For Ending The Waste They Depend On

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PBS just added more ammunition to the decision to discontinue the funding of government puppet shows. PBS’ Sesame Street, with this little thinly-veiled, poorly written and unfunny skit attacking the President, demonstrates our government has no place in the television business. In this hideously amateurish skit, Elmo is fired due to President Trump’s proposed budget cuts, or more likely, due to the billions in debt Obama ran up being unsustainable. Most of us never realized how lame and how liberal the folks behind PBS are. This production puts it on display for all to see.

As Elmo points out in an attempt to argue against his being laid off, he’s been at Sesame Street / PBS for 32 years. That’s how long we’ve been dumping money down this wasteful black hole. Thirty-two years marks the passing of a lot of different jobs for many Americans, as well as a lot of uncertainty and struggle along the way. Yet these entitled “artists” are immune and they think we’re supposed to keep them that way.

Free lunch Elmo “hasn’t been unemployed since the 80s.” Most Americans can’t make that claim, particularly in the wake of the destruction of the last couple of decades. Consider yourself fortunate that you made it as long as you did, fuzz ball; it’s your turn now.

Of course the liberals at PBS can’t help themselves, they have to get a couple of other digs in at the “evil one” who is ending their free ride on the American taxpayers, President Trump. They raise the insurance issue and how poor helpless Elmo needs the government to take care of him because he doesn’t have any insurance. Again, there was no Obamacare 32 years ago, what did you do then, puppet? And if he’s still got employer-based insurance he’ll find no sympathy from those who have already been forced into the mess that their beloved Democrats force upon the nation. They should, more than anyone else, be forced to live with disaster Obama and his comrades made of everything.

Elmo whines that his only talent is being Elmo, which is to say he has no talent. Obama didn’t give him a skill as part of that additional $10 trillion in debt he ran up. That went to fat cats. And apparently Elmo didn’t go into student loan debt like everyone else in America to qualify for one of those nonexistent Obama jobs, the ones that were given to a foreigner on an H-1B visa or an illegal alien.

They beg to have their plug pulled today with the lamest of the lame, calling our President Donald Grump.  The two-year-olds mistakenly watching their hit piece, thinking it’s a Sesame Street episode aren’t even laughing at that one.

After the gut-busting finale of leaving the puppet, the notice on the screen appeals to the socialists and communists in the audience, claiming, “PBS is an essential source for preparing children for the future. Support PBS Today. Go to PBS.org/support. Call your representative and tell them to save PBS. Support PBS for a brighter future.”

Paying down our debt and building up our military are what will bring about a brighter future along with developing our natural resources, such as our oil, coal and natural gas. More of the same will bring more of the same. We can get by just fine without stupid puppets.

PBS will still have the royalties from the toys and coloring books. They can probably even go mainstream television, as they could have done 32 years ago. It’s just nice to have the taxpayer support guaranteeing their jobs. 


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