Ellison Refuses To Answer Question That Would Make Hillary Clinton Look Bad

keith ellison


Democrat Congressman and deputy to the self-destructing DNC Chairman Tom Perez, Keith Ellison (D-MN) appears to know one reality above all else in today’s Democrat Party. If you expect to have a future, you’d better not alienate the Clintons or the Obamas. He lost the election to DNC Chair to the Clinton hand-picked Uncle Tom, Perez. If he expects to avoid a repeat and to perhaps received their blessing in the future, it’s beneficial to plant his lips on her substantial derriere.

In an appearance on the anti-Trump, formerly extremely pro-Clinton network, MSNBC’s Moring Joe program, Rep Ellison is asked by the British woman about Hillary Clinton’s harsh words about the level of support she received from the DNC. He’s asked, “What do you make of that?”

Ellison goes into his beatnik impersonation, the “cool daddy” that he is, stalling, bobbing and weaving to avoid answering the question. Remember Ellison, it’s not about how stupid or crooked you look, it’s about not saying anything negative about that treasonous criminal snake, Hillary Clinton that makes her look bad. He never forgot and he did, indeed, succeed in looking quite stupid.

“Cool Keith” said, “Well, let me tell you, man, we’re looking forwart [sic], we’re looking ahead, and the truth is  we do need to do some improving. A little bit of criticism doesn’t hurt us. We need to taken seriously and move out on what we have learned.” Huh? Can you put that into English? And keep your tongue in your mouth while you’re at it. We know what derriere it’s been attached to.

British anchor asked if Clinton should take responsibility and noted that “she didn’t seem to.” Cool Keith replied, “Let me tell ya, Hillary Clinton is a wonderful American.” That doesn’t even come close to answering the question and there’s a lot of time left in the round for him to cover up against the ropes. He says, “I think she’s a wonderful person that served this country and we need everybody’s help to go inspire voters all over this country. So I’m not looking back.”

That’s a statement that he’s refusing to comment or as he calls it, “looking back.”  He’s looking “forwart.”

Brzezinski is surprisingly non-apologetic for the criminal Clinton, pressing Ellison and saying she’s not looking for platitudes, repeating her claims that the DNC was bankrupt, totally disorganized, “she says it was a complete mess, is that the case? And they didn’t give her anything. Is that true?”

The cool kid once again refuses to answer, saying, “Let me tell you, you know, we can’t re-litigate the past and attempts to shift the subject to Donald Trump by throwing out three of their all time greatest hit talking point lies. That’s worked in the past but it didn’t fly on this day. He says “There’s no time for us to go back and try to figure out who shot John.” That’s not what they’ll be trying to figure out, it’s going to be what the heck did that babbling fool just say.

Brzezinski says as much when she responds with, “I just don’t know what you said – at all.” RINO Joe wraps it up at that point. Maybe they want to keep him from totally destroying himself and that shred of credibility he came into the interview with. One libtard Kathy Griffin at a time is more than enough. And this one’s going to be around longer than fifteen minutes, at least until the fall of 2018.

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