Ellison Calls For Democrats To Unite Against American Values, Law, Culture

keith ellison


Muslim Democrat Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota took a little time out during a visit to Texas to demonstrate the general pathetic state of the Democrat Party and how having him anywhere close to a leadership position only strengthens the arguments that they are a doomed party.

His message is an uncreative recitation of various stereotypical narratives of one identity politics group after the other, supposedly demonstrating how the Democrats are the only hope of those individuals. First, you’ve got a non-existent little girl who is worried that the law is going to catch up with her criminal parents who are in the US illegally and stealing the job of an American worker and forcing down wages for others.

Someone doesn’t know how they’re going to make it with $3,000 in the bank and social security, or if their plant closes, which has been a Democrat specialty under Obama and the anti-energy, pro-off shoring Democrats. And somebody’s loved one is hooked on opioids that are coming into the US unobstructed across the Obama Johnson, illegal drug superhighway, the open Mexican border.

He says, “Let me tell you, somebody’s son or daughter might have got roughed up or even shot by the police.” Ignore the fact that they were committing a crime at the time, focus on what happens when they inevitably get caught and resist.

Ellison asks, “Who is gonna be the agent for them?” Probably a public defender, Rep Ellison, or one of the paid political prostitutes working against the American people from inside the “Department of Justice.”  

“Who’s going to say to that Muslim family, you know, we’re not going to let nobody register you.” If they’re not citizens or if they’ve done things to bring concern about the risks they pose, nobody’s going to tell them that. In fact, ideally, they’ll be told to get on the airport shuttle bus, destination Middle East. Terrorist sympathizer Ellison says “we stand together,” maybe he’ll voluntarily self-deport.

The Democrat Party must be that agent of obstruction and standing up for terrorists over the rights of the American people to safety and security. Keep preaching that mantra, Ellison and the rest of you fanatical radicals. That’s the kind of self-destructive platform that we want to see you embrace.  A continuation of the pro-criminal, anti-American, evil is good and good is evil Obama, Alinsky, Soros agenda. Just keep it up, you’re almost done.

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  1. Eldon Andersebn // December 24, 2016 at 3:07 am // Reply

    HOW STUPID ARE YOU???????????

  2. “…a doomed party,” yes, that’s a good way to put it.

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