Elijah Cummings Brags About The Lies He Convinced President Trump To Believe

elijah cummings


Rep Elijah Cummings (D-MD) came out of a meeting with President Trump beaming about two points that he claims he was supposedly able to convince President Trump to change his positions or delivery. Cummings describes a portion of their conversation in which he said, “Mr. President, maybe no one has said this to you so I’m going to tell you today, that it seems that when you talk about the African-American community, you seem to want to judge our community be our weakest link.”

That’s the same weakest link they are always harping on for special privileges and programs themselves, so it’s a natural impression he might get. So just to be clear, Representatives, things are great and the special programs can be done away with, that money spent on the military or building the border fence.

Cummings continued, “I said there are vibrant and many, many vibrant African-American communities throughout this country, people are doing extremely well, and I said I’ve lived in the same house for thirty-five years, in the inner, inner city of Baltimore. I don’t feel threatened, I feel very good about it.”

He lives in a segregated black community from his description and those other communities that he referenced are also segregated, “black” communities. Isn’t that illegal Representative Cummings and would a white person feel equally safe in your neighborhood, sending his kids to the same inner city public school you send your kids or grandkids to? You do send them to your top rate public schools, don’t you?

And as for those riots you and Obama helped orchestrate and the reluctance of big brother’s federalized police force to insert themselves into racially charged situations, has that not had any impact on how safe your neighbors, including the occasional non-black, if they exist in your segregated utopia, feel?

Voter fraud is very important to the Democrat, so he approached the issue of a study being done by Vice-President Pence into the matter, and his concerns that fraud might be eliminated, thus endangering Democrat power. Being the good friends that they are, Cummings said to the President he has frequently vilified, “Come on now, Come on Mr. President. There’s no voter fraud. I said, ‘but there is voter suppression.'”

He must have been talking about the New Black Panthers standing outside of polling stations in Philadelphia keeping the white folks out and telling everyone else to vote for their color. Unfortunately, that wasn’t what he was referencing. He went on to say, “In North Carolina a three judge panel has already said that the North Carolina legislature, with precision, did everything in their power, to stop African-American people from voting and people who would normally vote for Democrats.”

They ruled against gerrymandering of districts and ordered new election for later this year. What was that you said about not judging the whole by its weakest link, Congressman? And no, gerrymandering is not a person, Congressman. One can never assume he understands what he’s talking about. He, along with Nancy Pelosi, is the guy who accused General Flynn of calling himself a scapegoat based upon a fake twitter account.

As President Trump agreed, according to Cummings, that he had a good point that voter suppression needed to be included in the evaluation by Vice President Pence, and we would assume that includes by the Black Panthers as well, is it also a fair assumption that the fair-minded Congressman might find himself able to entertain the possibility that all of the Democrat created programs for circumventing voter ID should also be included? Can he acknowledge the possibility that the proven voter fraud actually exists? Nah, didn’t think so, it doesn’t advance their agenda and that’s the bottom line for everything any Democrat does. In some way or another, perhaps generally, it was the reason he met with the President on this day.

Of course President Trump saw right through his theatrics but played along letting Cummings think he convinced him. Why tip our hand?

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8 Comments on Elijah Cummings Brags About The Lies He Convinced President Trump To Believe

  1. David, I have that same feeling about Pence. I’m glad he quotes that Bible phrase, but only God sees his heart. I don’t trust Ryano, and I always wonder if those two wish they were Pres. and Vice Pres. Then there is Priebus, who would probably help them get their wish! Then the Democrats would win, along with Lady Linsey and her girlfriend, the Songbird! Thankyou Jesus, for being in charge! You picked Trump, and with You, all things are possible! God bless President Donald Trump!

  2. Isn’t Pence supposed to be looking into voter fraud? the Donald claimed it was numbered in the millions. Where the F is Pence?

    With my apology to others on here, I trust Pence about as much as I trust Cummings.

  3. Like Al Sharpton and B H Obama, this idiot feeds on racial division. Without it they would not survive.

  4. Can’t stand Cummings – he is absolutely a RACIST! Can not be trusted! Another traitor to America! I know President Donald Trump could see through him! I wish this idiot would wake up & realize we the people are fed up with all of the demon-rats! Their party is over & gone!!!

  5. Jean Cronhardt // March 9, 2017 at 11:21 pm // Reply

    He went to the White house to speak to Trump about the rising cost of prescription prices. Has he looked at Baltimore City lately ? More important things to talk about then drug prices. How about, murder is up, shootings are up, illegal drug use and sales are up. Poverty, no jobs, businesses boarded up. The rat problem. the filth and trash all over the streets.

  6. Debra Prisk // March 9, 2017 at 12:38 pm // Reply

    Well, bragging that you fooled the President and then going public…I think Cummings is stupid. I think he thinks no one will show this to President Trump.

  7. Cummings is a huge racist…no other word except arrogant could describe this poor excuse for a senator. I feel sorry for the black people that put their trust in him He is a manipulator and a liar. A hate mongorer and anyone that leans on his words is being played and kept down.

  8. Stupid me! I thought just maybe this fool would meet with the President and come away with just a little bit of understanding that Trump wants to help ALL the people and this weasel could be of some help in making black communities better places to live. Apparently, Cummings was so busy trying to make himself look important, he didn’t take time to listen to anyone but himself. I can’t imagine what the president thought when Cummings slithered back out the door. I hope it wasn’t kind thoughts.

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