Egyptian Leaks Expose Obama Collusion On Anti-Israel UN Resolution

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A report published on the Egyptian website Al-Youm Al-Sabaa may mirror claims by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Obama initiated and coordinated UN resolution 2334, condemning and delegitimizing Israel.

A five-page document in Arabic posted on the site appears to be a summary of a meeting between the Kerry State Department and the Palestinian delegation. If authentic, the likely source would be the Egyptian government.

It was the Egyptians who originally distributed a Security Council resolution and demanded a vote within 24 hours, before succumbing to pressure from Netanyahu and President-elect Trump for its withdrawal. On Monday Israel’s UN ambassador Ron Dermer stated that his government had 100% reliable proof that the Obama regime was behind the resolution vote and passage. This would appear to be leaks of that proof.

The Israeli publication Haartz reports, “On December 22, the day the original Security Council vote was to have taken place, the Israeli news site Walla published a report almost identical to the one on the Egyptian news site. Walla quoted a senior Israeli official as stating that in a meeting between Kerry and a Palestinian delegation to Washington headed by Palestinian Liberation Organization Secretary General Saeb Erekat, agreement was reached on the matter of a resolution against the settlements, and that Kerry said the United States would not veto it.”

In effect the Egyptians and later the four small nations that pressed the resolution after Egypt withdrew it were acting as proxies for the duplicitous Obama regime in attacking Israel. The false facade shielding them from public discovery now is beginning to come apart.

The document states that Kerry and Rice affirmed that America’s UN Ambassador Samantha Power was prepared to meet with Palestinian UN Ambassador Riyad Mansour to discuss the matter. Rice and Kerry reportedly asked Erekat and the other members of the delegation to keep the meeting top secret, wanting to avoid leaks of the meeting to the media because of the sensitivity of the transition to the Trump administration. More correctly, the Obama regime didn’t want to be exposed as the vermin that they are.

It indicates that Kerry suggested in the meeting that he would give a speech presenting principles to resolve the core issues between the Palestinians and Israel. Kerry made it clear that he would only do so only if he were assured of Palestinian support of the principles he put forward. Those principles, according to the document, were identical to those Kerry outlined in negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians which were presented in February and March of 2014. Israel agreed at the time to accept the document with objections; the Palestinians never officially responded to it.

It further indicates that Susan Rice warned the Palestinians that the Trump administration was very dangerous for them because his positions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict differed from those of all American administrations since 1967. Rice recommended that the Palestinians take seriously what Trump’s advisers were saying about moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and annexation of parts of the West Bank to Israel.

The document quotes Rice as inserting the regime beyond January 20th, asking Erekat what the Palestinians would do if Trump moved the embassy to Jerusalem and made it possible for Israel to annex part of the West Bank. Erekat is quoted as replying that the Palestinians would immediately join 16 UN agencies in which they were not yet members, retract the PLO’s recognition of Israel, freeze security cooperation and diplomatic and economic ties with Israel, make Israel responsible for the management of daily life in the PA, and call on all Arab countries to expel U.S. ambassadors.

State Department Deputy Spokesman Mark Toner responded to the report and denied the questions raised by the contents of the document. Toner said that Kerry did not discuss the American position regarding the Security Council resolution in his meeting with Erekat and the Palestinian delegation.

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