Egypt Attacks Illustrate El-Sisi, Trump Meeting Critical In Addressing Threat

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We’ll continue to be told that this is not the true nature of their “religion of peace,” but the undeniable fact is that there is only one “religion” in which any butchery is exalted and they pray to a god that they believe endorses the senseless murder and maiming of innocent people. There needs to be no justification beyond simply being different, not sharing their beliefs or because they happen to be in close proximity to those who don’t share their beliefs at the time the radicals choose to set off a bomb.

Two Christian churches were the scene of Palm Sunday bomb blasts in Egypt, which killed forty-three innocent men, women and children, maimed many more and forever changed the lives of many others. It was all done in the name of the insanity that is radical Islam, the ideology of pig-headed, mindless Neanderthals.

President Trump said of his Egyptian counterpart when he visited the White House last week, “I just want to say to, Mr. President, that you have a great friend and ally in the United States, and in me.” He added, “He’s done a fantastic job in a very difficult situation. We are very much behind Egypt and the people of Egypt.”

El-Sisi said of President Trump, he had a “deep appreciation and admiration of your unique personality” and commitment to the fight against terrorism, which he labeled an “evil ideology that is claiming innocent lives, that is bringing devastation to communities and nations, and that is terrorizing the innocent people”.

President el-Sisi is proof that there are Muslims who don’t approve of this evil, and who are willing to stand up to it. They have remained too silent for far too long. He needs the support of others. He has the support of President Trump, something the Muslim Brotherhood radical Hussein Obama refused to give him, but he needs more, both within and outside of Egypt, from leaders of every type and from the common people as well.

If mainstream Muslims allow the butcher cult to become the embodiment of Islam, as they are progressing in doing through intimidation and the glamorizing of evil, bloodletting will become synonymous with Islam; it is well on the way to becoming so already. It’s also rapidly becoming synonymous with rape and misogyny. Just as it has become accepted in some quarters for those who may or may not be different, homosexuals, to be thrown to their deaths off of the rooftops of buildings, or non-Muslims to be beheaded, perversion is rapidly becoming the norm.

General el-Sisi is committed to purging the violent, pig-headed radicals from his nation. This is barbarism; senseless murder that cannot be justified. It is naked evil as are those who carry out such deeds and those who endorse, sympathize with or condone their actions. It is possible that the perpetrators were attempting to send a message to Egypt’s president that civilized behavior and actions against them carry with them a price and will only draw more barbarism and targeting by the murderous cult. If that is the case they effectively made the points of both presidents.

They are not civilized people, they are subhuman animals, much lower than the pigs and dogs they disdain. They literally are the scum of the earth, there is none lower. Their actions of Sunday in Egypt show why they must be eliminated from the face our planet. As a deterrent, the only thing these beasts understand, a policy of collecting their remains and immersing them in pig blood, must be adopted universally. Depriving them of their supposed reward for their evil actions will also deprive them of their motive.

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