Ed Rollins’ Less Than Diplomatic Advice To Don Jr – “Shut Up,” Stop Digging

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Fox News Host Trish Regan asks political consultant Ed Rollins if Donald Trump Jr. “did the right thing by releasing the emails and trying to get ahead of the New York Times and ahead of the story.”

Rollins replied, “You’re not going to get ahead of the New York Times and this story at this point in time and the advice that I would give him, which, obviously I’m sure his good lawyers have given this advice – shut up.”

He says, “Because basically you have a Justice Department investigation going on. You keep feeding this thing, you can’t knock it down. Whether you should have met with them or not is irrelevant at this point in time. You have now given the case to make this thing go on for months and months and months.”

Rollins points out that “From a political perspective, everything that’s in those tweets and what have you will just give some Democrat the opportunity to stand up and hammer this administration. And it’s a terrible, terrible distraction.”

Regan asks, “Because it looks like, in these emails, that he was willing to take any help he could get from Russia.” Rollins replies, “Absolutely.” He says that Manafort was the only one in the room that knows a lot about politics and he’s exercised questionable judgment in his dealings in the past. He says that in reality the meeting should probably have never taken place but that there certainly should have been a lawyer in the room.

Rollins says he’s sure that Don Jr. told his lawyer that he was going to release these emails but that he would “debar the lawyer that told him to release them.” He says, “The reality is they need to take this thing very seriously, this whole argument that it’s all fake news, it’s all the New York Times, it’s all these bad guys. The reality is you have a Justice Department full scale investigation going on and don’t feed the fire.”

Rollins points out that everything needed to defeat Clinton was out there on day one, that there’s not much worse that could have been dug up than what was already known and in Jim Comey’s dirty little conspiratorial hands.

He says, “The reality is you had the Clinton Foundation, you had her ‘service’ as Secretary of State, you had plenty of things to go out and beat her to death on. He faults “total naiveté” of Kushner and Trump Jr. He predicts that “To a certain extent when all of this is said and done, Paul’s [Manafort] going to be into things he shouldn’t have been into and obviously he’ll pay a price for that.


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5 Comments on Ed Rollins’ Less Than Diplomatic Advice To Don Jr – “Shut Up,” Stop Digging

  1. The dem’s are a lot smarter and more cunning than the repub’s will ever be. The repub’s need to start hitting back hard enough that the dem’s will think twice before running their mouths.

    Remember, when the dem’s attack, they don’t care about truth, honesty. The repub’s need to start using ugly lies back against them.

  2. Democrats are just plain crazy. They’re brainwashed and you “can’t tell them otherwise.” I have a sister who’s a Democrat. We didn’t speak for three years when I asked her “nicely” to just read this article I sent her. Unfortunately, another sister died, and now we speak ‘cuz we’re sisters. But we don’t dare mention anything political. She’s not a bad person, just wrong. I have a feeling a lot of democrats are that way.

  3. Ed Rollins is the one who needs to shut up. He’s always there interjecting his idiotic opinions. He must have something on someone at Fox News.

  4. As best I can tell, there is nothing illegal that was done here. To seek information, especially in a campaign, is the smart thing to do. What you do with that information, and if you pass on sensitive information, might be an issue. Soo this just the left fabricating issues again.

    Why is “our side” always telling us to keep quiet and don’t push back. We better start countering twice as hard as we get.

    • that’s exactly what Lou Dobbs, as well as you and I and others here, has to say in one that’s coming out in a few, maybe thirty minutes, Ben. As for Rollins, I took his advice to be a bit coarse but probably right – just as he said, they’re twisting everything – on the other side, if he didn’t come out they’d accuse him of hiding and be pushing for transparency. They’re just dishonest democrats and nothing will change that – I think as you do, time to fight fire with fire – get aggressive and, as I said in an earlier article today, Trump needs to get mean, make em pay, he’s got the system behind him, they have to manipulate it from outside.

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