DWS Weakening On Cover Up For Pakistani Spies – Now She’s Negotiating

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz is hiding something and, unfortunately for the rest of us, she’s not using a burqa or ninja mask to do it. She’s deeply involved with some Pakistani spies who were clearly given inappropriate access to secret government documents by Schultz and other Democrats.

Those Congressional enablers included Rep Wasserman Shultz, who seems to have never engaged with a computer that hasn’t in some way been compromised, and Muslim Congressman Andre Carson (D-IN), who incredibly sits on the House Intelligence Committee. It’s a place anyone hearing Carson attempt to speak would immediately realizes he doesn’t belong.

Schultz not only allowed her Pakistani IT guy full access to her own House computer, she handed off her own laptop to him, which was for some yet unexplained reason recovered in a wall space by Capitol Police in a different building from where her office is located. She also continues to maintain a relationship and the employment of the chief suspect, Imran Awan, though Capitol Police have cut off his computer access.

Awan and his two brothers and other family members made spying on the US Congress their family business. They were paid a minimum of $160,000 per year each by the Democrat cadre in Congress as they did minimal IT duties, some rarely showing up to work but still drawing that steady check.

Instead of helping the Capitol Police, DWS has been covering for the spies

It’s surprising only to those who don’t realize that, as a leading Democrat, Rep Wasserman Schultz is an enemy of the United States, that, instead of voluntarily helping to prosecute the spies she employed, Schultz has been covering up for them. Her attitude now seems to be taking a turn for the better with word Wednesday that she is now “negotiating” with the Capitol Police over whether to stop blocking access to a computer seized from her as part of a criminal cybersecurity investigation.

It was just a couple of months ago that Wasserman Schultz threatened the Capitol Police Chief Matthew Verderosa with “consequences” if he failed to return her laptop seized in the investigation. While the computer has not been returned, the contents have not yet been inspected due to protections afforded criminal members of Congress through perversion of the Constitution’s Speech and Debate clause.

Politico reported that the investigation is into “committing serious, potentially illegal, violations on the House IT network” as well as theft. The Pakistanis were reported to have been transferring secret information to an off-site server.

Could that have been a means of filling the gap left by law enforcement and Congress’ discovery of the Clinton’s Chappaqua bootleg server? The access to privileged, classified information provided through Rep Andre Carson’s House Intelligence Committee position could have been particularly valuable. Schultz was a Clinton devotee in every way.

The Daily Caller noted in their reporting that the ring leader, the brother employed directly by Wasserman Schultz who is believed to have had her laptop, has been seen in the Capitol complex since the ban despite having his access terminated. It has fueled concern that he could be tampering with evidence. They also noted that, as email administrators, the suspect spy family could read all emails to and from dozens of members, including several on the House foreign affairs, homeland security and intelligence committees.


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