Durbin – Trump Better “Back Off Wall” Or He’ll Be “Next Ted Cruz Of Shutdowns” As Majority

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It’s worth noting in the beginning how the topic is defined by Fake News CNN at the bottom of the screen, with the banner, “Will Trump Shut Down Government Over Wall Funding?” Why does it not say will Democrats Shut Down Government Over Wall Funding? At least there is an attempt to send a subliminal message. Is nothing safe from their left wing bias?

Dana Bash asks Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) , “Are Senate Democrats prepared to shut down the government over this issue?” When the positions were reversed, Democrats controlled the Senate and Ted Cruz engaged in a 21-hour filibuster that led to a 16 day “shutdown,” Cruz was called every name in the book and blamed, along with his fellow Republicans, for “shutting down the government” over Obamacare.

Durbin and his Democrat comrades give the situation today a decidedly different spin, while still adhering to the Democrat “principle” of not answering a question they don’t like. Durbin replied, “Uh, Dana, the Democrats in the House and the Senate are ready to work and cooperate with Republicans to keep our government open.” It’s a reply that says he’s not going to answer the question and makes the argument that Republicans are to blame for any shutdown, just like they always are. Democrats are “willing to work,” as long as it doesn’t involve letting Republicans have their way on any issues.

He elaborates further, saying, “We told the President and Republicans weeks ago, ‘Don’t try any political stunts, don’t put any poison pills into this process.’ Not caving to Democrats is a political stunt as they see it and including demands of their own based upon election results is somehow inserting a “poison pill.” The my way or highway Dems are consistent.

Durbin recommends that the Trump administration do what they do, ignore their campaign promises and just engage in business as usual, the screwing over of the American people. It’s what Durbin laughably refers as doing the responsible, important work of funding the government. So protecting Americans from foreign invasion is neither responsible or important, according to this paid political prostitute. Guaranteeing that the invasion and third-worlding globalization of the United States is where their priorities lie.

Durbin’s supposed arguments for opposing the wall are that President Trump is honoring a campaign promise to the American people, something he apparently sees as unwise. And that it’s going to be paid for upfront by Americans rather than the Mexicans, which would provide him and his American-hating comrades with a mechanism for performing another of their favorite stunts, the obstructionist stall.

As usual, with Durbin the Democrat having not answered the question, she repeats it, asking in another slightly varied form, “What do you think happens at the end of the day? It sounds like a standoff that could end up in a potential government shutdown.”

Durbin comes right out and says it, that it’s do it the Democrat way or nothing. He says, “I hope the President will back off. To think that he would consider shutting down the government of the United States of America over this outlandish proposal of a border wall, which we can’t even pay for at this point, and is opposed by Democrats and Republicans all along the border. That would be the height of irresponsibility. He would not want that to define his first 100 days.”

Durbin still didn’t answer the question, but he was able to twist it to the President and Republicans being to blame and to mischaracterize the wall as being opposed by the majority of Americans. Remember, Dick, it won’t be the President shutting down the government, it’s the minority, like it was when Ted Cruz was blamed and the Democrats are the minority party. It will be of your doing.

And when has not having the money ever stopped Congress from spending it? Isn’t that why we’ve got a $20 Trillion deficit right now, because you spend money that we don’t have? Why the sudden fiscal responsibility when it applies to national security threats and more importantly, importing illegal Democrat voters and an invading, standard of living lowering army of malcontents to march in the streets and secure Democrat issues? Never mind, Dick, I just did what you’re incapable of doing. I answered the question.

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