Durbin Lectures Tillerson For Cutbacks On Global Welfare – To Pay For Military Of All Things?

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Sanctimonious Democrat Dick Durbin is proud of this disgusting display, so much so that he posted it on his Twitter account. Anyone who would subscribe for reasons other than to keep an eye on the enemy or for its comedic value won’t have any idea that money trees don’t really exist and that every dollar spent has to be earned somewhere by someone. Just print more, give it away and be sure to vote “Dem.”

He boasted on his YouTube channel of the way he really taught those hateful Trump Republicans a lesson, saying,”During a hearing of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs on the President’s FY 2018 International Affairs Budget, U.S. Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin grilled Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on the potential impact of drastic spending cuts to humanitarian and development assistance.” Of course there was no legitimate fiscal driving force behind the cuts that would have been, in good conscience, both considered by the leading Democrat and made part of the narrative. Everybody knows Republicans are simple-minded rednecks who just hate people, especially any people with dark skin who speak a funny lingo.

Durbin self-righteously asks Secretary of State Tillerson about the foreign wealth redistribution money that was cut from next year’s budget. He said, “Well what did your budget decide to do to this McGovern Dole School Feeding Program, pretending to not know and then looking at the paper in front of him, placing his glasses on for effect. You eliminated it, came the response, as if he’d been able to find it immediately on the first page of his documents. Maybe he found it on his script with the rest of his lines. And for the record, numb nuts, budgets don’t decide things, people do. Budgets are merely ways of recording and dealing with those decisions.

He asks in a condescending, half-scolding manner, “Now is that going to make for a better world and a safer world?” Actually the answer is yes, you superficial parasite, it will. Along with other money that will now be spent on defense and infrastructure instead of handouts as was the case in our former job as Santa Claus to the world, it absolutely will.

Tillerson  responds weakly, as if he’s doing something wrong, saying, “Senator, what we are attempting to do is to marshal forces of others, we are talking to other countries and asking them to do more, to step in to fill some of the needs that Jordan has in the refugee camps, same in Turkey. So we are using our convening authority to bring other resources as well.”

Go ahead, strut, Durbin, like the beautiful liberal peacock you’ve always imagined you are

He continues, “These are some of the very difficult choices we made in achieving a budget level that we have put forth in this budget. None of these choices are easy, none of them. There’s not a one of them that was not difficult to make. And so I do not take exception to anything you’ve said at all and would tend to agree.” Go ahead and strut, Durbin, like the beautiful liberal peacock you always imagined yourself to be. Beat up on him; there’s nothing he can do to stop you. Can you at least vote for it when the time comes so he feels the emasculation by a lesser being was worth it?

Tillerson wraps up saying, “So what we’re going to attempt to do is see if we can bring other resources to bear to either fill in, mitigate or perhaps grow out interests of others to address these same issues.

Naturally Durbin can’t accept the appeasement effort of Tillerson, who apparently has not yet learned you cannot deal with these libtards in any meaningful way. He says, “So our message to the world is ‘we’re stepping back, America’s first in stepping back now. We’re stepping back by thirty percent in our expenditures programs and you are welcome to fill in, to the rest of the world. That is our message, the America first message? Yeah, Durbin, the world should not be our dependent.

Tillerson tries to respond with poetry, more of the stupidity he’s going to have to shake off. He tells Durbin, “our message is we’re leaning in and asking all of you, all of you to step up and do more.” Durbin goes him one better, Al Sharpton verse being a Democrat strong suit, with a poetic rebuttal, saying, “I think we’re leaning on, we’re not leaning in. And we’re leaning on the poorest people on earth.

Has anyone ever bothered telling this hairless ape that the expenditure levels soared to unsustainable levels under the sorry excuse for leadership that was eight years of fiscal irresponsibility, his party and Hussein Obama? Does he understand that all of that money we’ve been giving away has gone straight to our bloated and out of control national debt? Does he realize that if he weren’t trying to repopulate America with Islamists the same money that helps one person today could be helping twelve in their own region or nation? Does this pompous America-hater even care?

Give up on the appeasement, Rex – it’s a guaranteed loser against Democrats who are never satisfied and who never stop demanding more. Tell him what you really think. No more Mr. Niceguy.

For those who are given to self-abuse, that YouTube Durbin was so proud of is below.

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3 Comments on Durbin Lectures Tillerson For Cutbacks On Global Welfare – To Pay For Military Of All Things?

  1. Thomas Oakley // June 15, 2017 at 10:48 pm // Reply

    Why has trump not fired tillerson……..we called kerry useless….well I would say that title could also be applied to tillerson. He, sorry to say, seems to have his own agenda which is different from trumps. Sorry but it looks like all tillerson is just another, rino, good old boy, useless old man, and a back stabber…..Seems tillerson and trumps daughter have the same, warped, outlook at the paris, so called agreement, and what else do they think the same on?

  2. Dick is well named, indeed.

  3. Freddie Arthur Hisle // June 14, 2017 at 4:39 pm // Reply

    prick turbine should be in Prison along with the rest of the demonrats in the House and Senate.

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