Durbin Says He Worked Through Kushner For Months To Get To Trump On DACA

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So much for the lawsuit claims by former DHS Secretary and UC president Janet Napolitano that President Trump developed his position on DACA on a whim.

The No. 2 Senate Democrat, Dick Durbin, has been working his White House contact, fellow liberal Democrat Jared Kushner, hard, to press President Trump into coming around to their shared opinion, that illegal aliens should be given citizenship because they played no active role in their violation of our borders.

They are playing an active role every hour they remain, but the only part they consider relevant are those they can use to help justify free citizenships. That one day they crossed the border is it. Provided they haven’t committed other serious crimes, every other day they have deliberately chosen to remain here simply don’t matter.

Durbin told Reuters on Thursday that Kushner was his conduit to President Trump for persuading him, to the extent he was able to, to come around to the squatter way of looking at things. Kushner held private meetings on the topic with Durbin and Sen Lindsey Graham (R-SC) in both April and July.

The Illinois Senator said, “We initially had a conversation (with Kushner), at Senator Grassley’s invitation, on criminal justice and I asked Mr. Kushner afterwards if we could talk about immigration, separate and apart from Senator Grassley, which we did.”

Durbin continued, “I went into … DACA because I was concerned about how this was going to unfold.”  In addition Durbin said there had been telephone calls between him and Kushner as well as calls and meetings with then-Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, now chief of staff. They had and increasingly still have President Trump surrounded with the globalist mindset.

He said that Kushner once invited Stephen Miller to join them in a DACA meeting. Durbin observed that during the meeting with Miller, “there was nothing in my conversation with him that suggested” he had moved away from Sessions’ rigid stance. At least there’s one aide in the White House who still understands who elected President Trump, what MAGA means and the agenda we were promised. We’ll see how long he lasts with a McMaster bullseye on his back.

Durbin characterized President Trump’s announcement on DACA as initially appearing to be a setback “from what I hoped would occur based on his positive comments on Dreamers and DACA.” He added, “But then, within 12 hours, “the president was sending messages by tweet and otherwise that were more encouraging and they continue even until this morning.”

Anything encouraging for Durbin is discouraging for the MAGA agenda, particularly when it comes to illegal alien amnesty, which both Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have indicated is absolutely a part of their legislative package for December. They’ll milk the current truce for all they can get until then, having successfully made the border wall a non-issue until then.

The same fight is coming that comes every December, the one where the Democrats hold firm, call names and the terrified cowardly Republicans hold up a white flag. Maybe we can get a border wall in 2019 – no, that’s campaign season – we’ll shoot for 2021, maybe it will be a campaign promise again by then. Maybe we’ll know better than to be so gullible and trusting by then.


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