Durbin Confirms Democrat Filibuster For Anti-Abortion Supreme Court Pick

dick durbin


Senator Dick Durbin, in an appearance on Fox News Sunday, declined to rule out a filibuster on President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. He replied to a direct question in that regard with a non-answer, saying, “Let me just say, I’m not going to jump ahead and tell you how I’m going to treat any nominee until I know who they are, what they stand for.”

He continues, “What we’ve said is if you’ll bring us a moderate nominee, and I’ve told the White House directly, one that is not too extreme on the right or on the left, you won’t run into controversy.”

Wallace takes issue with his answer, saying, “Wait, wait, not all of Barack Obama’s choices were moderate nominees. You know, there were some pretty liberal nominees there. I mean, he won, he’s allowed to have people of his philosophical stripe.”

The Democrat weasel responds, “Chris let me tell you, there’s a different world there. When I listened to your lead in and Mitch McConnell said ‘We just want to be treated the way we treated Obama nominees,’ does he think we have amnesia? That he refused for the first time in the history of the Senate to meet with or have a hearing or a vote on a Supreme Court nominee?”

Durbin says, “We’re going to treat this nominee fairly, but we need to know who he or she is, (how revolutionary) what they stand for, (the purpose of the hearings) and believe that they are in the mainstream of thinking when it comes to American political thought.” (the real point of his refusal to commit)

That means pro-abortion, pro-illegal invasion, anti-whitey and anti-guns. As to his point that Garland was the first time that a Supreme Court nominee didn’t get a meeting, hearing or a vote, that appears to be just another of Senator Durbin’s lies.

According to CNSNews, “The Senate Has a Tradition of Deliberate Inaction on Nominations. American history demonstrates numerous times the Senate’s prerogative to decline to take action on nominees for federal office. For example, between 1987 and1996, a total of 154 presidential nominees for judicial and other senior federal government positions failed because the Senate held no hearings on those nominations. Records from the Congressional Research Service show that among the people officially nominated to serve on the Supreme Court, at least eight of them (5 percent) have failed to achieve confirmation as a result of postponement or inaction by the Senate.”

Lying and creating deception is just what Democrats like Durbin do, how they represent their constituents. If there are any honest people left among those they’re representing, they should take that into account at election time.

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