Durbin Celebrates Victory Over Sessions – As The Loser He Is

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It didn’t take long for the reprehensible Illinois Senator, Dick Durbin, to reveal the Democrats’ true goal in the Intelligence Committee interrogations of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Durbin issued a statement on twitter in which he attepted to amass a long list of reasons why he couldn’t see how his former colleague could continue to serve in his position. The best he could do was to come up with a pathetic four, none of which is valid in any way.

Following the hearing the Chicago commie complained, “In his first few weeks in office as the nation’s highest-ranking legal authority, Attorney General Sessions has recused himself from the investigation of Russian interference in our election, recommended the dismissal of the Director of the FBI, reportedly offered his resignation to the President, and refused to answer questions from the Senate Intelligence Committee. It is hard to see how he can continue to serve.”

Durbin understands fully well but he’s a dishonest political hack, looking to mislead the gullible and naive into following his perverse outlook. Attorney General Sessions was forced to recuse himself in order to shut up the incessant whining of  the Democrats about a non-issue that nobody expected to be a dead horse beaten to the degree and for the length of time that it now has. Had he known the extent to which the media would be keeping this non-event in front of the people on behalf of their Democrat comrades, Sessions might possibly have chosen not to recuse himself. Regardless, it was an accommodation to the complaining Democrats for which they are now complaining.

He recommended the dismissal of the same FBI Director whose head the Democrats were for the seven previous months demanding on a plate, a disloyal political hack who was not fit for the position. As for offering his resignation to the President, whether he did or didn’t, that’s an honorable thing to do, making it easy for the President fire him if that is what he thought was best for the nation. It would seem that since the President didn’t take him up on his offer, he’s secure in his position. But don’t worry, Durbin, nobody expects you to understand concepts such as honor or doing the right thing. They’re not characteristics of the anti-Americans you are affiliated with.

As for not answering questions, the disingenuous hack also knows it is a public setting so classified responses are out. He knows that there are conversations with the President that are privileged and have the expectation of privacy which must be respected. Maybe Durbin could have a Republican explain the meaning of all of these things, honor, respect, doing what is right, if he’s having trouble.

Maybe Senator Cotton would be willing to waste his breath on him.


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2 Comments on Durbin Celebrates Victory Over Sessions – As The Loser He Is

  1. To start off with, Jeff Sessions should not have recused himself. Sessions should have brought up Loretta Lynch’s refusal to recuse herself after her meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac. Durbin might like to see himself as the “winner” but I saw this encounter and I know who “won” the stage and it wasn’t Durbin! Sessions was to the point and came back at Durbin at every turn Durbin took! No, you didn’t win, Dick!

  2. Well said, Rick! Durbin is obviously a commie low-life and unfit to even breathe the same air as Sessions.

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