Durbin Says Amnesty Definitely Part Of DACA Deal – What’s Trump Saying?

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One noteworthy point of the interview of Sen Dick Durbin by Chris Wallace begins with him saying, “Senator Durbin, I want to push on two specific points. Is there a deal to protect the “dreamers” without funding for the wall?”

He continues, “And is there a deal to give the “dreamers” a path to citizenship?” Durbin replies, “Well, there’s a basic understanding. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi met with the President Thursday [Wednesday] night. They came to a basic understanding, without the details, without the obvious negotiations that have to follow.”

“And then,” says Durbin, “Chuck and Nancy said to the President and the White House, ‘We’re going to put out a press release so that it’s clear on both sides what we’ve agreed to. They did exactly that. There was great pushback from the right, they didn’t like the parameters of this understanding and there’s been a lot of conversation since.”

“But we’re going forward,” Durbin says, as the progressives always do, “we’re going forward with the understanding we can work the White House to come up with an agreement that includes DACA, that includes citizenship for those who are protected under the Dream Act and also has a substantial commitment to increased border protection. Those are the two pillars of this understanding.”

Wallace follows up, “And very briefly, in this understanding, do you believe that the President committed to those pillars over Chinese food on Wednesday night?” “Yes,” replied the Democrat. Wallace then points out that President Trump seemed to walk back “from at least the citizenship part of the deal on Thursday.”

He then plays a clip of President Trump saying, “We’re not talking about amnesty at all. We have not talked about amnesty. There will be no amnesty. We’re not talking about that as part of the transaction.”

Wallace says to Sen Blunt (R-MO), “Help us clear this up.” He asks, “Do you believe that there’s a deal on these issues and is this something that Republican Senators can support?” Unfortunately, Blunt is not able to explain just what is going on with any specificity. The details haven’t been worked out yet and positions, particularly those of the White House do seem to be evolving rather quickly.

Wallace asks for clarification of Blunt’s comments, whether border security must include funding for the border wall and citizenship for “dreamers.” In the customary non-committal DC double speak, Blunt says “It appears it would not preclude the wall but it doesn’t have to include the wall at this point, I don’t believe.” Chalk up another vote for never getting built.

He then speaks to the specifics of a citizenship test or length of time squatting in the US to qualify, clearly, the presumption is that there will be citizenship. So it’s no border wall and citizenship for illegals – that’s how we MAGA 8 months into the Trump Presidency in the opinion of Senator Blunt.

Perhaps he and Durbin are wrong. Maybe President Trump is still the same guy we elected. Maybe.

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5 Comments on Durbin Says Amnesty Definitely Part Of DACA Deal – What’s Trump Saying?

  1. And who in the “H” would believe what Knuckle Head Schumer and Delusional Pelosi would say; their understanding is nothing more than a “PLOY” for the Lame Stream Media to jump all over POTUS Trump once again. The Dems have shown their un-trustworthiness time and time again.

  2. Our President would not do this, unless he is being drugged or his family is being threatened. So, which is it? Both maybe?

  3. What frosts my butt, besides a 4 ft. snow cone, is that Trump “tweets” out support for the Dems. then “tweets” out more waffling. I want him to say what he means and then do it. It sure looks like he wants to please the left and then try to mind herd the base.

    Amnesty, back in the Climate Change scam, no 0care repeal, he will be known as the “con man” President if he continues.

  4. I am tired of all the no one knows anything but they are willing to give their opinion without knowing for sure what President Donald J Trump has said or is going to say or is thinking! I want the President of the United States of America, Donald J Trump, to tell us, the people, his plans on DACA, the WALL he promised would be built, AMNESTY without changing one word afterwards. We, the people, need to know so we can let him know what we think.

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