Dobbs – Whiny White House Press Corps Can’t Keep Up With President Trump

lou dobbs


Lou Dobbs offers a “few thoughts on the ‘news’ organizations that President Trump has dubbed as ‘fake news’ and ‘the enemy of the people.’ He’s referring of course specifically to five members of the left-wing national media in particular, the, as he puts it ‘failing New York Times,’ CBS, ABC, NBC  ‘news’ and CNN.”

Dobbs notes, “The Washington Post, today, an organization that some argue should also be in that group, posing this question, ‘Can President Trump outlast the White House press corps?’ Now that, is a laugher. Do you have any doubt about that? Talk about the left-wing bias and fake news. That is the wrong headline altogether, it is the wrong question altogether. It should have been, ‘Can the White House press corps even remotely keep up with President Trump?'”

“Reporters are already grumbling,” says Dobbs, “about President Trump’s work ethic. It’s too strong and it is too demanding. And they’re furious about the fact he keeps a furious pace, every single day. And after only 47 days in office President Trump has the White House press corps complaining about ‘ruined weekends, unpredictable moves and an ‘unsustainable pace.’ Perhaps for them.”

Dobbs says, “The New York Times last month described Mr. Trump’s pace as ‘relentless’ and ‘an all-out sprint.’ The left-wing media are the ones who are whining and whimpering and begging for mercy. Our high-energy President so far has signed 28 executive actions, he’s delivering on campaign promises, opening up the bidding process to build the border wall and boost border security.”

“He’s speaking directly to Americans, writing more than 250 tweets since he was sworn in. He’s meeting with Congressional leaders, world leaders, countless business leaders and yes, union leaders. And yet, the President doing all of this with just 18 key administration positions confirmed by the Senate, compared to 30 for ‘president’ Obama at the same point.”

Dobbs also observes that “President Trump also getting it done despite the left-wing national media’s all-out war against him and his administration.” Dobbs goes on to illustrate the great lengths that the liberal propagandist media is going to in order to distort the picture in order to damage the President, even to the point of dismissing their own reports.

They’re desperate and failing.


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