Dobbs – Trump Must Purge State Dept, Come Down Hard On Intel Agencies – Soon

lou dobbs purge state dept


Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on “the left’s war on President Trump and the left’s actions are arguably nearing sedition. President Trump today slammed leakers following the resignation of General Michael Flynn as his National Security Adviser.” The President tweeted “the real scandal here is that classified information is illegally given out by ‘intelligence’ like candy. Very un-American!”

Dobbs notes, “The President also praised columnist Eli Lake who says bureaucrats and former Obama officials are possibly behind these leaks.” He plays a clip of the Lake comments, following that up with his view that, “I believe we’re witnessing a full on assault by the left here, the establishment, the left-wing national media, all working to bring down the Trump administration.”

“In fact, a new analysis shows,” says Dobbs, “the network morning shows devoting 18 times the amount of coverage to a so-called White House crisis compared to the illegal leaks. Republican leaders also failing to speak out forcefully against those leaks and the leakers. But the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is calling for the leakers, the nine unnamed current and former officials cited by the Washington Post, to be jailed.”

Dobbs goes further, saying, “President Trump, in my opinion, must end tenure for federal workers, must purge the State Department, and bring both the State Department and our intelligence community under the control of this President. To not do so and not do so quickly will only create more opportunities for obstructionism and put in jeopardy the entire Trump agenda, if not Mr. Trump’s Presidency itself.

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4 Comments on Dobbs – Trump Must Purge State Dept, Come Down Hard On Intel Agencies – Soon

  1. Dobbs’ is almost always right and doesn’t suffer idiots. This show was spot on and I hope Trump watched it, and will take all his advice. It is sedition.

  2. What if one of the “leakers” is the VP? I’m having a helluva time convincing myself to trust him.

  3. I agree. The sooner these traitors are named and prosecuted, the better for all of us. I believe that the past administration has a lot to do with it and there are still outstanding crimes that have not been taken care of yet and should be. No one is above the law, as much as they would like to believe they are.

  4. Lou Dobbs, I totally agree with you—-round up the miscreants and jail them all ! This is has to stop and stop NOW—–They are all pizzed-off that their criminal candidate couldn’t win after spending their $1.2 BILLION $$$$$.

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