Dobbs – Trump Emerging From G20 As True Leader Of Free World – Hussein Who?

lou dobbs

Lou Dobbs has taken in the successes at the G20 and has “a few thoughts on President Trump rolling back the madness of Barack Obama and the left.”

He points out, “At the same point in Mr. Obama’s ‘presidency,’ he was jet-setting around the globe on his infamous ‘apology tour,’ apologizing to France and to Europe, claiming the United States had been arrogant in our foreign policy.”

Dobbs says, “While Obama was apologizing to the Muslim world, stating it was his responsibility as ‘president,’ this is actually what a ‘president’ of the United States said, ‘to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam. That was ‘president’ Obama’s big, number one priority.”

“Well, four years later, Obama’s red line failure assured the now current crisis and worsening crisis in Syria,” says Dobbs, “that is, worsening until President Trump and Vladimir Putin got together today. “‘president’ Obama’s inaction paved the way for Putin to take Crimea and to later invade eastern Ukraine. Thankfully, Mr. Obama is irrelevant today. It has a reassuring sound, doesn’t it? Obama is irrelevant, let’s hope so.”

Dobbs notes, “His failed legacy is being methodically dismantled by President Trump while he leads the free world. He is replacing Obama’s policy of appeasement and passivity with a doctrine of American exceptionalism and a defense of Western values, of Western civilization itself.”

“President Trump set the tone for today’s meeting with Putin,” observes Dobbs, “calling on Russia to cease its destabilizing activities in Ukraine, to end its support for hostile governments in Syria and Iran. Today President Trump comes away with a deal reaching a Syria cease fire agreement.”

Dobbs says, “A Wall Street Journal op-ed defined Mr. Trump’s governing philosophy this way: ‘Mr. Trump is taking a clear stand against the kind of gauzy globalism and vague multiculturalism represented by the world view of, say, Barack Obama and most contemporary Western intellectuals who are willing, even eager, to concede the argument to critics of the West’s traditions.’ President Trump certainly is not among them.”

“Trump emerged from this summit,” says Dobbs, “as the true leader of the free world. He’s now lifting two continents at once, ours and Europe’s. And putting Putin, Merkel, Macron and the rest of the G20 in their place. And oh yes, in so doing, he has put Mr. Obama in his place as well.”

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