Dobbs – Trump Correcting 20 Years Of American Jobs Given To Foreigners Thru H-1B Visas

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Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on “President Trump cracking down on the long abused H-1B visa program that feeds Silicon Valley and primarily technology companies in this country. American workers have been losing jobs to foreigners on H1-B visas for years now. Are you ready for a number you don’t often hear when people are talking about jobs held by foreigners instead of Americans?”

Dobbs says, “As many as one million jobs in this country are now held by foreigners on H-1B visas, according to a Goldman Sachs study.  And some American workers are even forced by their American employers to first train their foreign, lower paid replacements, as a condition of getting their severance pay.”

“It’s happened,” Dobbs points out, “at Disney, Intel, Cisco, Bank of America, Best Buy, Pfizer and others, lots of others. Technology company lobbyists claim there is a talent shortage among Americans and the industry needs more work visas. That’s false. It’s clear they’re simply looking to hire cheap foreign labor. Even though H-1B visa workers are supposed to be paid the same as Americans, 80% of them are paid less than the median wage in their fields, workers brought in well below market rates to replace American, often middle class workers. And it’s been going on now for almost two decades.”

“A recent report,” says Dobbs, “detailed that job availability in the computer science field would be up by as much as  11% and that wage would be 5% higher without the H-1B visa system bringing in competing labor at lower wages. President Trump gave priority to the issue of outsourcing and off shoring and abuses of the worker visa programs in the presidential campaign. And President Trump’s buy American and hire American message is finally being heard.”

Dobbs notes, “H-1B visa applications have actually fallen, a total of 199,000 applications this year for 85,000 visas, a steep decline from the 236,000 last year, the 233,000 the year before that. The numbers are still obviously too high. President Trump is following through on his campaign promises, though, and he’s putting American workers first once again, putting America first.

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