Dobbs – Trump Amazingly Successful Despite Rabid Leftist Effort Against Him

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Lou Dobbs offers a few thoughts on “a country that is truly undergoing what someone once called a fundamental transformation. And this transformation started the day President Trump was elected.  President Trump is the change agent that he assured us all that he would be in the campaign. And he brings to the presidency an indefatigable commitment to make America great again. Not even the posh lords and masters of the left-wing media and their minions can suppress his boundless energy.”

Dobbs notes, “And we have even more good news on the economy today. A strong jobs report for last month and President Trump is building on that. President Trump today signed an executive order to being rolling back Dodd-Frank, a move that the White House National Economic Council Director hailed as a boost to business.” He stated that access to capital for small and medium sizes businesses needs to be available to get this country moving again.

“And he couldn’t be more correct,” says Dobbs. “The President taking his pro-jobs, pro-growth message to business leaders, big business leaders. They met today at the White House with top executives from some of the world’s biggest companies. And during his two, incredibly fast, action-packed weeks in office… President Trump has already met with more than fifty business leaders. Yet Silicon Valley still foolishly working against the man who is working so hard to make a better life for all Americans.”

Dobbs points out that “Uber’s CEO announced he is quitting the President’s strategic forum ahead of the meeting today. Poor thing apparently overburdened by a President who is the most successful disrupter in more than three decades. I don’t know about you but I think I’m over Uber. Amazon, Microsoft, Expedia all supporting a lawsuit brought by Washington state’s Attorney General over Mr. Trump’s extreme vetting order.”

“Apple weighing,” he says, “taking legal action of its own. And Google cofounder Sergey Brin even joking about impeaching the President during a company rally opposing his executive order. Think about where we are. Companies having meetings about how to oppose Presidential orders. Well, Brin wasn’t funny but at least he wasn’t being serious in calling for impeachment. Of course the technology industry donated 60 times as much money to Hillary Clinton than President Trump. And now they’re continuing to fight him every petty step of their way.”

“And they will do so,” Dobbs acknowledges, “until they’re overwhelmed by the President’s success and by the history that he is already making. But it is a history that he is making for all Americans, not just for the elites, which must bother and even motivate the most elite of the elites, those in Silicon Valley. And that’s just a bonus under this president. What fun.”

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