Dobbs – Trump Already Leading – Nukes With Russia To One China Policy

dobbs putin trump russia nukes


Lou Dobbs has a few thoughts on “what strong leadership looks and sounds like and what it can all accomplish. President-elect Trump doesn’t take the oath of office until Friday but he’s already outmaneuvering Republican and Democrat leadership in both the House and the Senate. Trump telling the Washington Post he’s wrapping up an Obamacare replacement plan that will include ‘insurance for everybody.'”

Dobbs notes, “Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Tom Price with their versions of what the President-elect is calling for. Trump also saying he will target the pharmaceutical industry over drug prices in which drug companies will be competing, if he has his way, for government bids for their drugs. It won’t be simple and it is the right thing to do for healthcare and pharmaceutical consumers no matter how difficult it turns out to be.”

“All of this,” says Dobbs, “as he demands Congressional leaders move at his quicker natural pace, not their traditionally glacial pace, to repeal and replace Obamacare and to do everything else on his agenda.  “But Congress is not the only ones being out-maneuvered and being led now by Donald Trump. The President-elect laying out a specific deal with Russia, indicating he could lift sanctions if Putin agrees and signs on to a nuclear arms reduction agreement.”

And China could be next. Trump says he can’t commit to the one China policy, something Beijing says is utterly non-negotiable. Don’t look now,” says Dobbs, “but it’s being negotiated in public. But Beijing will likely find out that they haven’t got much choice in the case. We’ll see how that works out but one thing is sure.”

Dobbs says, “The previous administration talked about hope and change. Donald Trump is just about change and there’s a lot of hope in that. He’s setting the terms and the conditions when it comes to making deals with world leaders, Congress and business. And I believe that’s a great thing for all Americans and America. And that’s what that election was all about, right?”

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