Dobbs – Trainwreck Coming When Trump Realizes Ryan, Priebus Are Lying To Him

dobbs ingraham hannity

dobbs ingraham hannity

Lou Dobbs and Laura Ingraham join Sean Hannity for a discussion of the situation between the conservative members of the House, those who are loyal to President Trump and are being shunned, the President, and the RINO establishment phonies who appear to now have his confidence and his ear.

The segment starts with a sickening display by RINO Paul Ryan in which he’s “interviewed,” by an anti-Trump CBS mainstream propagandist who assumed that President Trump wasn’t involved, asking, “Do you think that it would have helped if the President were more involved in the policy itself?” Ryan is more than happy to share the blame for the fiasco that he wasn’t able to force upon the American people.


Ryan replies, “Oh, he was deeply involved. That’s the thing that I was so pleased and impressed with. He really rolled up his sleeves. So actually, he’s up to speed on the issue, he knows the circumstances and the stances, what I worry about, Norah, is that, if we don’t do this then he’ll just go work with Democrats, to try and change Obamacare and that’s not going to, that’s hardly a conservative thing.”

Really is pathetically threatening conservatives, who he doesn’t represent or like to begin with, that if they don’t knuckle under to his demands, he’ll just instruct President Trump to abandon them and his base entirely, adopt Ryan’s policy of serving the privileged class for personal gain, and side with the Democrats who have vilified him at every turn, even more than Ryan has. Ryan then displays his overflowing wisdom by declaring that such actions are not conservative.

The Wisconsin Weasel continues dispensing the nuggets of enlightenment, saying, “This is a can-do President, he’s a business guy who wants to get things done,” apparently we are to believe that includes even if they’re wrong. Ryan completes the threat, saying, “And I know he wants to get things done with this Republican Congress. But if this Republican Congress allows the perfect to be the enemy of the good, (didn’t Reince Priebus just say that?), I worry we’ll push the President into um, into um, working with Democrats. He’s been suggesting that as much.”


So the message from Paul Ryan is either sell out and pass a bad bill or become irrelevant and face a vindictive President in 2018. He’s Nancy Pelosi without the stretched skin and the annoying laugh.

Lou Dobbs joins the discussion, agreeing with Hannity that Dems would be looking to stick a shiv in his back, although noting the amount of available space is rapidly decreasing. He addresses the sickening display by Ryan, saying, “He’s talking about President Trump being a business man, he knows when his butt is being kissed and I don’t think Ryan could have been more transparent and obvious in doing so.”

Dobbs notes, “The question becomes what has Ryan been telling this President? This was a bad bill. This was not the perfect being the enemy of the good. This was a disastrous piece of legislation from jump street.” Hannity points out that not one single House member saw the bill before it was rolled out. Dobbs follows that observation, saying, “And not one single amendment, even though they were in regular order, not one, this is a calamity, a legislative calamity and it was led by Speaker Ryan. He’s the same guy, who apparently President Trump is going to have lead tax reform. Let me tell you, exponentially, passing legislation becomes far more difficult when you have a Speaker who thinks he is some sort of tin pot dictator.

Both Laura Ingraham and Dobbs address the process with Hannity and defend the vilified members of the Freedom Caucus as some of the best and most honest public servants in the House, Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan and Raul Labrador in particular.


Ingraham warns President Trump against alienating “kind of the only people who were with you in October” when Paul Ryan had turned his back and disinvited Trump from his outdoor event.

Dobbs adds one thing, warning, “There’s going to be a train wreck… It’s going to be when the President of the United States finds out he was misled and the facts were misrepresented. This President will not put up with it and the boys and girls who played cute on this one are going to pay a hell of a price and they should.”

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5 Comments on Dobbs – Trainwreck Coming When Trump Realizes Ryan, Priebus Are Lying To Him

  1. Ida Hobgood // April 1, 2017 at 8:11 pm // Reply

    I thought President Trump knew Ryan was a snake and not to be trusted! He has always been an Obama boy and still is. He set Trump up to fail with Ryancare! So glad it didn’t pass! See God will do for Trump when he can’t! President Trump, I hope you read this. DO NOT TRUST RYAN!!

  2. Ivanka’s working with him in the White House is another problem, since she and Jared are both liberal Democrats, putting nonsense in his head. Trump has already lost a lot of his base, those who bother to learn the truth, and this must be making Ryan and his fellow globalist establishment minions very happy.

  3. Yvette Streahle // March 31, 2017 at 11:55 pm // Reply

    I am with you I can’t believe it either. If Trump does change his tune with the Freedom Caucus he is going to lose a lot of supporters including myself, lately he is starting to sound like he may be suffering from Alzheimer as he is forgetting all the promises he made to all the middle class American people, which may be the reason why Ivanka is going to work with him in the White House. He is totally out of control with his tweets. Paul Ryan is not a good person, he is out for himself and cannot be trusted. Why would Trump side with him? Just does not make sense, his behavior just does not make sense any longer….

  4. Deplorable Doctor // March 31, 2017 at 11:29 pm // Reply

    Laura Ingraham, Hannity, and Dobbs are Wiser than the Wise!

  5. No doubt this was a Ryan snow job. But if Ryan faced obama it would have been a Ryan _ _ ow job

    The bill was called Ryan Care not Trump care and for good reason. Ryan and the Rhinos, (no it’s not a musical band, but rather a dissonant political orchestra ) took 7 years to work on this swamp bill. Now Ryan wants to caste a dark light on Trump…

    I signed the petitions with the Freedom Caucus against Ryan Rhino Care.

    I’ve also tweeted to our President about not trusting these pukes like Ryan.

    I just can’t believe Trump doesn’t see this train coming. I hope at least he hears the music.

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