Dobbs – Time For Disloyal Establishment Turncoat Ryan To Vacate Speaker’s Office

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Lou Dobbs reminds us that back in October of last year he described Speaker Paul Ryan as seemingly “hellbound on destroying the Republican Party and that he had no concept of unity or his responsibility as Speaker.”

Dobbs says, “It was actually worse than that. He was determined to destroy Donald Trump. And now, five months later, I believe the Speaker is in the exact same place, as he faces opposition from dozens of conservatives in the House and other conservative groups as well on his plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.”

“A new PPP poll conducted in Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin,” Dobbs points out, “in that district finding more voters oppose Ryancare than favor the legislation, that’s in his home district. That same poll also showing more voters in Ryan’s hometown have a favorable opinion of President Trump than they do of Speaker Ryan.”

Dobbs reminds his audience of the failure that Ryan is, how “Ryan’s achieved next to nothing since he became Speaker a year and a half ago. He had achieved next to nothing in his entire career before becoming Speaker. And he’s worked against his party’s presidential nominee and he has lost. He put forward a mantra instead of policies and lost again. And yes, that’s right, as a Vice Presidential nominee of his party, he and Mitt Romney also lost.”

Dobbs says, “It is time for his party, if not the Speaker himself, to recognize his limitations, his decidedly poor judgment and poor prospects for in any way finding a better way. I believe it’s time for Ryan to vacate the Speaker’s office, in the interest of his party and in fact, the nation.”

Of course Ryan isn’t the principled kind of individual who would do that type of thing on his own. He’s doing what he’s paid to do, serving his real bosses, the political establishment. They’re happy with their poodle so he’s not going anywhere unless he’s forced out.

That may well be the real reason behind Lou Dobb’s comments. That is a discussion that needs to be started and someone has to raise the topic. It might as well be him.

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